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10 Changes CISePOS Restaurant POS Brings To Your Restaurant 

CISePOS is a dynamic POS software that has various versions and integrations that makes its retail POS and restaurant POS. The fundamental concept of these integrations and versions is to help businesses transform their business operations to manage business challenges. 

At CISePOS restaurant POS we have some marvelous features that most of the POS software does not have. These features include.

  • Tableside Management
  • Kitchen Order Tracking System (KOT)
  • Kitchen Display System (KDS)
  • Recipe Management 
  • Tablet Order Taking
  • Multiple Sales Mode (Dine-in, takeaway, delivery, drive-thru)
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting
  • Accounts Management
  • Discount Management

With such advance and helpful features, there are multiple changes a restaurant experiences after integrating CISePOS restaurant POS. 

Here we will discuss ten major changes a restaurant experiences after having restaurant POS. 

10 Changes To Your Restaurant After Using CISePOS Restaurant POS:

CISePOS restaurant POS is developed to help restaurants with all possible challenges a business might face. Every feature and module has its impact on the business. 

Following are the ten changes CISePOS restaurant POS brings to your restaurant:

  1. Increase Table Turnout
  2. Better Tableside Management
  3. Efficient Order Management 
  4. Error Free Order Taking
  5. Responsible Employees
  6. Better Sales Monitoring
  7. Less Resource Wastages
  8. Easy Offer & Discount Management
  9. Complete Cash Management
  10. Provide Better Experience To Customers 

1. Increase Table Turnout:

Table turnout is a crucial parameter to judge a restaurant’s performance and sales. Table turnout refers to how many orders and customers are fulfilled during the day. If a restaurant has a 50 table turnout it means 50 orders were served that day which may include multiple items in a single order. 

Higher turnout also shows the speed of servings and order processing in the kitchen. It also shows the footfall of customers to the restaurants. 

CISePOS restaurant POS helps in increasing the table turnout by speeding up kitchen order tracking and kitchen display that automate the orders to their relevant kitchen section. For example, if a customer orders one burger, one steak, and a shake then the system automate the order to their relevant sections in a way that the burger section gets burger orders, the bar gets a shake, and the BBQ section gets streak order. 

2. Better Tableside Management:

Tableside management is the frontest representation of every business to customers. Tableside management is the experience that a customer has while he visits the restaurants. 

CISePOS restaurant POS assigns tables and waiters to every dine-in order to make sure that who is serving the order. This helps in keeping a better eye on the service and keeping control over your orders. 

CISePOS restaurant POS gives the option to add multiple tables and waiters to the POS and put the option on the sales screen with the name of KOT. Kitchen order tracking is the tool that helps in better tableside management for restaurants. 

Restaurants that offer complete track and info of orders to the customers have more loyal customers that do manual operations. 

3. Efficient Order Management:

CISePOS restaurant POS gives a complete control over order management. Order management refers to keeping orders on track, allocating them to the right section, serving them with every specification, and punching orders in the system. 

CISePOS gives a complete control over every order. KDS and KOT are the two major tools used by CISePOS restaurant POS. These two tools are the key instruments that help in detailed order management. They disperse the orders and punch them to sale upon completion. It connects the kitchen to the counter and the serving section. 

4. Error Free Order Taking:

CISePOS restaurant POS has an additional feature. It has an application for android tabs, that is used by waiters to take orders. The tablet is connected to the POS and stores all the orders there. 

With the help of this order-taking system, waiters can easily take orders without any errors and detailed specifications from the customer. Error-free order tracking allows the restaurant to serve customers with all the details and specifications they want. 

Moreover, every order that is punched through the tablet gets into the KOT where the managers can see order details to make sure nothing gets wrong. Tablet order taking allow the user to make changes to orders and the whole system will syn with the changes and update the order. The details regarding order status are also updated on the tablet so that the waiter knows when the order is ready. 

5. Responsible Employees:

Since CISePOS put every command and execution happening through the software it makes waiters, the chief, and all the other employees responsible for their actions. 

Since the KOT in CISePOS allocates waiters to every table, the restaurant can ask the employees about any error or mistake that happen to orders. 

CISePOS also allocate users for counters and every other section so that the order punching or any other action through the POS is recorded under his name. With that in action, every employee will be accountable for his action. It is observed that with a system that can completely observe every action of the business employees works better. 

6. Better Sales Monitoring:

CISePOS has a centralized platform that processes every command and operation. It has the access to all sale history, inventory records, accounting records, purchase order details, sales returns, and cash management data.

The user of the software gets access to all the sales and other operations so that the managers can keep an eye on all operations at once. CISePOS restaurant POS has a dedicated reporting module that gives a detailed overview of restaurants’ performance in terms of sales, inventory, profit, and customer inflow. 

The reporting module carries all the necessary reports along with multiple parameters to set. These reports not only help in monitoring but also helps in making better decisions. 

7. Less Resource Wastages:

To be more productive and more efficient every restaurant has to limit its resource wastage and leakages. Resource leakages cost money to businesses in terms of losses. CISePOS restaurant POS gives enough tools and centralized firmware that allow restaurants to keep all the records and operations aligned reducing resource wastages.

Moreover, it also has specific ways to roll out genuine waste of processing and inventory by transferring out every waste from the records and reconciling the concerned section of the business. 

With less waste and proper control over every section, businesses can be more productive and profitable. 

8. Easy Offer & Discount Management:

CISePOS restaurant POS has a dedicated offers and discount management module that allow users to get complete control over their promotions. Whether it’s about seasonal sales, bulk discounts, percentage discounts, or discounts over a particular bank card CISePOS restaurant POS manages it all. 

It offers you detailed tools that allow you to create and manage offers and discounts. These discounts and offers can be controlled directly through the software without any interaction from any other manual operation or process. 

With restaurant POS restaurants can attract more customers and easily manage their orders on promotion without any additional hassle. 

9. Complete Cash Management:

Most of the restaurants deals in cash as most of the sales happen through cash. Managing cash is a complicated task as it is difficult to monitor and record. It is easy to be a theft that causes discrepancy audits. 

For a digital solution it might seem challenging to manage cash, but CISePOS restaurant POS gives option to manage cash through vouchers and other tools. CISePOS restaurant POS has some measures and featrues that allow owners to keep track of their cash. 

At first, it has cash opening and cash closing options along with the record of total sales on cash, split, or credit. Moreover, it keeps a record of every cash dispersed from counters for any reason or nonsales cash entering the registers.

With all such features, restaurants can easily keep an eye on their cash. 

10. Provide Better Experience To Customers:

At last, CISePOS restaurant POS provides a better experience to the customers. Although customers don’t have interaction with the system besides their takeaway orders still CISePOS restaurant POS helps in enhancing the customer experience. 

Fast order completion, easy order taking, getting precise orders, and multiple payment gateways make customers feel comfortable in a restaurant that has such a system. People like to visit a place that serves them using new technology and entertains their needs in the best way possible. 

Over the years, CIS has put additional features and modules in the software to make it easier to use and advance. Besides its experience with customers, it also helps employees in managing sales operations. 

CISePOS restaurant POS gives a better experience to users with a user-friendly dashboard, detailed integrations, and advanced features. 

What Makes CISePOS The Easiest Point Of Sales Software In Pakistan?

When we talk about the easiest POS software there is no match for CISePOS. All the integrations are designed to be easy to use, CISePOS has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily navigate through various sections of the POS. 

All the modules in CISePOS are very simple with easy parameters and navigation. CIS provides employee training to the users to make sure that the users do not face any difficulties in POS operations. 

When it comes to restaurant POS, the software has to be fast to process all the operations easily. CISePOS restaurant POS has all the features necessary to automate the sales operations of your business within no time.