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12 Reasons Cloud-Based POS is Beneficial for Business

There has a lot been said and discussed among brick-and-mortar merchants on the selection of cloud-based POS system over traditional in-store version of the software. It’s an undeniable fact that cloud-based point of sales solution is convenient to run from a variety of devices, like a mobile device, iPad, or tablet, but these aren’t the only advantages this ultimate online point of sales has, there are more reasons to choose this tech advancement.

CISePOS is easy-to-use, secure, and worth the price. Scroll down to go through the benefits that keep our customers love CISePOS website, customer service, and POS system when it comes to run their businesses profitably and efficiently:

1. Offline functionality

It’s one of the best feature online web-based POS system can offer. The offline point of sale functionality means that the sales recording will keep working even when the internet is down. Thus, the cloud-based point of sales provides restaurateurs and retailers the offline capability of handling customers and their purchasing activities without any hurdle. This offline mode works in a situation when the internet is not available; this special functionality keeps company able to record stable payments without interruption. The data can easily be captured and then the system synchronizes itself when it is back online.

2. Optimize and manage promotions with ease

For almost every business, promotions are essential to attract and retain customers. Many firms struggle to track specifications, duration, and terms of promotions when it comes to run short-term promotions. And, diversity of businesses run multiple promotions at the same time, which means promotions and business profitability, goes hand-in-hand. So, failing to track promotions will lead you to lost sales and patrons because customer care will suffer. To deal with this situation, the point of sale systems on the cloud is the perfect pick that will allow you to track promotions and profits with ease.

3. Incur lower costs

A traditional POS system usually comes with sticker shock, which includes software license fees, technical support charges, and annual maintenance fees that really add up a handful amount. Whereas, with a cloud-based point of sales system, the monthly fees come in either a fixed rate (from $50-$250) or totally depends on credit card processing charges. These charges make the system much scalable and facilitate users to can choose a provider or plan that fits their budgets and needs.

4. Major reward, minimal risk

The advancement of cloud-based POS may just make you wonder with how trouble-free it is to set up and use the software anywhere, anytime. Thanks to the cloud and its encrypted online storage, users will face no risk of software or hardware failure or incompatibility. There are no driver hiccups neither any viruses. And, most importantly, there’s no risk of accidentally deleting a weekend’s sales reports from a hard drive as everything will get saved on cloud securely. Luckily, it’s all backed up, automatically and these aren’t the only risks you can avoid, there are a lot more in the list.

5. The system will grow with your business

No matter if you are opening or launching a new location or whacking out a pop-up store during the holiday season, you can rely on picking up cloud-based POS system over traditional POS. The main reason for selection of online web-based POS solution is that as your business will grow and evolve into something new, the system will automatically accommodate your needs without much mess. We are saying this because adding a new register and a new location to your system takes seconds and its simplest, even adding or removing a user as per your wish is no problem at all.

6. Cuts infrastructure and updating costs

Whereas usually, technology comes with a slew of additional cost to the much-advanced system in question, for instance, software updates and IT help, this old-age concept is void and null when it comes to cloud-based systems. You aren’t bond to invest in costly hardware or IT specialists. Cloud-based POS software remains on the internet, thus, it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection regardless of the location where you operate it. The more interesting part is that whenever the software gets updated, the update will take place automatically, without requiring you to look for help, you will only need to open the app. That it!

7. Swiftness and reliability are the key factors

Whether it’s a restaurant or retail, almost every business suffers from slower billing and checkout process. Frankly speaking, customers don’t intend to spend or waste time in lines in stores or waiting for the bill in a restaurant, if this is the case, then next time they would rather prefer to look for another place. To resolve these issues, you can rely on picking cloud-based POS software any day because the advanced software make cashiers work conveniently for fast checkouts and they can have quick access to products or items information to assist customers for better.

Tiny or extensive, no matter what size of business you are owning, if it ’s entirely relying on human input or output then chances of errors are higher, which in result can lead the seller, consumer, or the provider in a great trouble. On contrary, a POS system always remains reliable while recording sales. The cloud-based POS System will allow you to maintain a track record of your business entries, which in turn make you and your partners to avoid irrelevant march and fusses through the doors of success.

8. Real-time reporting

Cloud-based POS system tends to be more accurate when it comes to managing a business rather than relying on manual entries of data by people. Usually, traditional systems are capable of tracking inventory, but they are only able to update the data on a daily or hourly basis. On the other hand, a cloud-based POS system gives you access to inventory and other business-processes information in real-time. With the advanced technology of POS, you can also see reports regarding items that have been ordered or shipped by the customers. In case of having more than one location for your business, with cloud-based POS, you can have an instant access to the stocked items present in other stores as well. This is how; employees can quickly track down the missing product for customers.

Whether you need to view inventory or sales for the day at a glance, you can go through all of this easily, any time.  This means, you can perfectly manage your business operations from any location, but internet access is a must.

9. Customer Management

Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is the biggest and most important task. You need to stay focus on what your consumers like most at your place, this is how you can win their trust, heart, and motivate them to invest in your items. The cloud-based POS solution facilitates companies to store customers’ details to track the sales and make a pattern to increase its sales and run campaigns as per the demand of the most liked product. This data will also be much useful for the business owners as it shows the accurate store analytics.

10. Compatible with advanced integrations

Unlike traditional POS software, cloud-based POS systems can be easily integrated with a huge diversity of external software, such as the variety of accounting, online ordering, and loyalty programs. This is how these businesses stay diversifying and modernized with their services to render a better experience to consumers.

The improved technology used for cloud-based solutions empowers you to integrate a number of marketing and business functions into your POS system. For instance, payments can be maintained and processed from any device within a business premise (which means you aren’t obliged to stand just at the front counter), and receipts can be sent directly to the customer’s cell number.

Plenty of point-of-sales systems allow users for complimentary meals and check-splitting at restaurant tables. And a number of systems also get integrated with external digital loyalty and accounting programs, which many traditional POS platforms can’t perform. Even, some of them also include a Facebook reward system, which let customers advertise your business through the POS system.

11. Robust Security

Merchants who have been using Windows-based POS solution, they have to deal with the common fear of losing critical information as the result of corrupted files or viruses. However, this fear can be conspicuously reduced or eliminated when businesses start using cloud-based systems because all the critical data and information get stored and kept in online storage. Moreover, traditional POS software sometimes needs their system drivers to be reinstalled that not only cost money but also result in loss of revenue due to system’s downtime. On the other hand, cloud-based POS systems completely eliminate the demand for these updates.

Arguably, the huge risk for retail and restaurant owners who use Windows-based systems is the fraud of credit card. Payments that are made using ill-gotten credit cards have typically been chalked up as a greater loss by the merchants who had little or no recourse to recoup the associated profit or the lost merchandise. But for the better, most of the major credit card companies can guarantee fraudulent purchases for traders or business-owners who utilize cloud-based POS systems. This benefit is surely worth consideration for the business people for the simple fact that their cloud-based POS implementation has the capability to make a prominent contribution to the profitability of any restaurant or retail business.

12. Remote Access to Data and Easy Updates

Cloud-based sale service provides the easiest possible access to relevant data anywhere anytime; the software is easy to go on any device such as laptops, mobile phones, and other devices. These advanced services have pertinent apps for iPhone, iPad, and other devices,  in this way it allows merchants to obtain web-based reports and real-time sales information to effectively manage their POS system from any remote location.

With cloud-based POS, you can manage your entire business operations even on the move. From checking sales reports to employee logins to inventory levels to other business processes can be kept under control without sticking to your office chair. This feature of accessing your POS from anywhere will let you prevent sales faux way before they even happen.

Furthermore, cloud-based POS lets merchants informed with all of the system changes and updates in security requirements. Consequentially, merchants are facilitated to maintain total control of their business operations no matter where they are as long as they have their mobile, laptop, or iPad with an internet connection.

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