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3 Ways Demand Sheet In CISePOS Retail Software Helps In Maintaining Inventory Stock

Maintaining stocks for your retail store is the most important thing to running a healthy retail business. With a rush of customers aligned for their products, it is retailers’ responsibility to fulfill their demands by making sure they have the right inventory. 

To maintain a healthy inventory stock that caters to all the necessary items for the store businesses have to follow some standard protocols. A demand sheet is one of the traditional practices that is designed to help businesses manage their stock inventory. 

Employees maintain their demand sheet by simply entering every in-demand item into that list. And when the day ends the list is forwarded to the procurement department and they purchase those items from the supplier. 

These are the common practices that were used by retail businesses for years, but with the increase in the use of technology, demand sheets transform into a digital tool that saves the hassle of time and everyday sheet maintenance. 

In this article, we will discuss the features of demand sheets in retail POS software and how it helps businesses transform their inventory management. 

3 Features Of Demand Sheet In CISePOS That Helps Transform The Inventory Management

CISePOS transforms the demand sheet into a digital tool that can be easily maintained. With CISePOS inventory management becomes easy as ever before because of its one-window features and accessibility. 

Following are some features of the demand sheet in CISePOS:

  • Easy To Maintain
  • Multiple Item Parameters
  • Enhances Purchase Order Management 

Easy To Maintain:

The demand sheet in CISePOS retail software is easy to maintain and user-friendly. A user can easily maintain the sheet by simply entering the item’s details. Demand sheet being on the same software as sales it is easily accessible to the users. It also reduces the chances of errors like missing an item or double entries of a single one. 

Other than that, the user can easily maintain multiple demand sheets for multiple stores. The software keeps a record of every demand sheet created on the software. It helps in cross-checking the data to check consecutive demand for products. 

Multiple Item Parameters:

Once the user gets into the CISePOS retail software he will see multiple parameters in the demand sheet. These parameters help in generating the right product identification so it can be easy for the procurement department to purchase these products. 

In the demand sheet of CISePOS, you can upload various files in spreadsheet formats to create the sheet. The demand sheet asks for the item code, barcode, and other specifications for the products you already have in the item list. In case you add new products, the user has to first enter the item in the list from the sheet and then put them in the demand sheet. 

Enhances Purchase Order Management: 

The entire demand sheet is designed to help the purchase order management section of the business. In this regard, the demand sheet plays an important role because it plays the most important role in purchasing. 

In case the demand sheet gets messed up the entire purchase management system gets affected by it. With a proper demand sheet, the user can easily maintain the purchase order management. 

The purchase order management system runs under a standard protocol that it receives the demand sheet that is used to finalize the order from the supplier and then finally the order is placed. Demand sheets enhance the functionality of purchase order management by giving them the exact item with all necessary specifications to purchase. 


The features of demand which we just discussed above are just a section of our dynamic retail software. The module integrations and features of CISePOS are designed to help retail businesses with every aspect and every section of their business. 

Our dynamic features along with subscription plans play an important role in achieving the operational efficiency of the business. Furthermore, CISePOS offers a 14-day free trial for all of its users to test the functionality of our retail software. 

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