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4 Useful Integrations In CISePOS Retail Software

POS software is the best management solution in the retail and restaurant business industry. This is because of the features and integrations of retail software that enable businesses to manage their sales operations and other business activities. 

Among top retail software, CISePOS is a dynamic cloud POS software with all the advanced features to manage your sales operations. CISePOS is integrated with various modules that work as the pillar tools for the retail software and manage all the operations. Along with the modules CISePOS is also integrated with some amazing integrations. These integrations are some add-ons that help retail business owners in complying with some industry standards and tax obligations other than that it also helps them connect their retail software with modern marketing tools and marketplaces.

In this article, we will talk about the four very useful integrations in CISePOS retail software. 

4 Integrations In CISePOS Retail Software:

These four integrations we are about to discuss are different from the modules that CISePOS retail software has. CISePOS retail software develops multiple integrations that are of multiple uses, but these four integrations are used for a specific purpose and work as add-ons. The add-ons are on the choice of the user to add or not based upon the use and type of business. 

Following are the four integrations in CISepPOS retail software:

  • FBR Integration
  • SRB Integration
  • SMS Integrations
  • WooCommerce Integration

FBR Integration:

FBR Integration is the most used integration in the retail industry. The Federal Board of Revenue has ordered all tier 1 retailers to integrate their shops with FBR-integrated POS software. The integration syncs all the sales data to FBR’s database and generates receipts that can be verified from FBR for sales tax. 

The integration helps businesses comply with FBR’s regulations and helps in tax compliance without any hassle. It also helps retail businesses to attract more people because of FBR’s computerized lucky draw worth millions of rupees. 

Furthermore, CISePOS FBR integration is very easy to integrate and use. The retail software simply enables the FBR integration if the user decides to have it. With all the taxation details and other FBR-related data entered the system then syncs all the data to the FBR database and generates receipts. 

SRB Integration:

Sindh Revenue Board integration is another integration offered by CISePOS. This integration is acceptable only in Sindh as the tax collected under the SRB integration is under Sindh’s jurisdiction. 

SRB integration is only for restaurant businesses operating in Sindh. The integration syncs all the sales data to the Sindh Revenue Board system and generates a receipt that can be verified. As mentioned above the SRB Integration is for the restaurants only. 

SRB integration in CISePOS is easy to integrate and just needs a simple integration in the retail software and the integration starts to sync the data. 

SMS Integrations:

SMS integration is an additional Add-on that is used for marketing and to send e-receipts to the customers. SMS integration allows a user to send messages to the customers using the retail software. The software stores the contact details of the customers and then sends the messages to them using the retail software. A user can also add the contact numbers of other people and send them promotional offers and promos. 

SMS integration helps retail business owners to connect with their customers and offer them new promotions and discounts. It is a general practice that retail stores send a receipt to the customer and a greeting message for their purchase, SMS integration fulfills that task. 

WooCommerce Integration:

WooCommerce integration is a plug-in that helps retail businesses to connect their website with POS software. Once the estore is connected with the retail software all the sales management is managed by the retail software of CISePOS. 

This integration is very popular nowadays, especially for the businesses that use a multi-channel business approach for their business. Such businesses have to use multiple systems and other types of integrations to monitor and manage their on-premises and online sales together. On the other hand, WooCommerce integration manages both of the sales modes together by simply connecting all marketplaces together to a single POS software. 

How CISePOS Retail Software Integrations Help Businesses Enhance Their Service Quality?

CISePOS retail software integrations are the unique set of integrations that are designed to help retail businesses in their certain field. For example, FBR and SRB integrations are designed to help retail businesses in complying with the taxation and sales tax laws. Moreover, it also helps government agencies and regulators to collect taxes and keep an eye on the business activities for tax theft. 

On the other hand, the rest of the integrations are designed to help business owners with their customer service and managing sales operations. For example, SMS integration is designed to help businesses connect with their customers and WooCommerce integration is designed to connect the online marketplace with the offline marketplace on the same POS software. 

All of these integrations and modules are designed and developed by the team of business and tech professionals. These professionals keep an eye on every aspect of the integration and how it can enhance the service quality of the business using it. 

CISePOS Retail Software Helping Retail Businesses Across Pakistan:

Retail businesses are a very interactive and rapidly evolving industry that needs modern tools to manage modern challenges and evolving industry norms. CISePOS is designed with the same vision, to help the retail industry in Pakistan with the most dynamic and the most advanced retail software that can manage all sales operations and other management operations for the business using its various integrations. 

Moreover, CISePOS offers its retail software at very affordable monthly and yearly subscription plans to make sure that businesses get the value for the money they pay to us. In Pakistan, CISePOS is the best cloud POS software that allows small retailers to use high-tech retail solutions and compete with the best business in the industry by excelling and growing their business operations.