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5 Benefits Of Using Digital Order Taking In CISePOS Restaurant POS

As the world is developing more and more technological advancements are taking place easing business management globally. Innovation in business management is a need for business nowadays. 

The restaurant business needs such innovation that helps them enhance customer service and increase the efficiency of business management to a new extent. 

CIS being the flag bearer in innovation for management solution develop various integrations in its POS software. To help restaurant businesses enhance their services CIS develops a digital order-taking system. 

In this article we will try to discuss:

  • What Is Digital Order Taking? 
  • How Does It Work?
  • 5 Benefits Of Digital Order Taking In CISePOS.

What Is Digital Order Taking? 

Digital order-taking refers to using digital tools to take orders from customers. CISePOS has an android application for tablets that converts the tablet into an order-taking device. Waiters carry these devices with them when they take orders from customers. 

How Does It Work?

CISePOS tablet order-taking works with a simple system. The tablet is connected to the POS software so whenever the waiters take an order it is directly transferred to the POS software. 

The POS keeps the tablet updated with all the necessary information at the fingertips which helps waiters serve the customer better. 

5 Benefits Of Digital Order Taking In CISePOS Restaurant POS

Although the idea of having tablet order-taking in restaurant POS is to enhance customer service and bring ease to employees with better order taking. 

Here we will discuss five benefits of tablet order taking in CISePOS restaurant POS:

  1. Error Free Order Taking 
  2. Live Update On Menu
  3. Better Service To Customer 
  4. Automatic Sales Sync To POS
  5. Fast Execution Of Orders 

1. Error Free Order Taking:

Tablet order taking helps in error-free order taking. The tablet that waiters carry has all the details regarding the items the restaurant offers. So when the waiter takes an order he can add items with precision and with all the specifications. 

The order taken on the tablet is directly transferred to the kitchen reducing the chances of errors, and serving customers with the right order. 

2. Live Update On Menu:

The tablet is connected to the POS system and carries a detailed menu. If the customer orders something the tablet has it on the menu list. POS software updates the tablet in case any item goes out of stock. Making it easy for waiters to serve customers. 

Tablet order-taking helps employees have all the information customers might need. 

3. Better Service To Customer:

If the waiters are taking orders on tablets or any other digital tool this will create a positive impact on the customer that the restaurant uses modern means to increase the credibility of the business. 

Moreover, customers can easily give their orders and get their orders as they want them. This is how tablet order-taking gives better service to customers. 

4. Automatic Sales Sync To POS:

Without digital order taking waiters have to take orders from the customers and then manually punch them to the POS double the hassle for a single order. With tablet order taking, the waiter can easily punch the order directly to the POS without any double hassle.  

It reduces employees’ hassle and brings perfecting order taking and sales recording.

5. Fast Execution Of Orders:

With digital orders taken through tablets, restaurants can increase their speed of order executions. It also increases table turnout and helps in increasing sales. With tablet orders taking the time to take and punch the order is reduced to half making it faster to serve a customer. 

Fast execution of sales increases customer footfall hence increasing the profitability and making the restaurant grow. 

CISePOS Restaurant POS | A Complete Sales Management Solution:

CISePOS is a complete sales management system that not only brings efficiency to operations but it also helps in serving customers better. The integrations in CISePOS restaurant POS are designed to serve customers with modern means. 

Digital order-taking application is one of those modern means that help businesses to increase their sales with better recording, processing, and service.