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5 Biggest Challenges to Manage Retail Operations in 2018

The retail industry had dramatically evolved and with every passing day, it’s transforming for the better. There are many factors to focus on before opening a retail store to have a profitable business, but once you have opened a store than be ready to face challenges and solve them with intelligence and smartness. The advancement in the retail sector is growing the need for increasing efficiency and reducing costs in operations.

As compared to the past, customers are also becoming more demanding, thus retailers also have an extra pressure to surpass their expectations towards the products, services and overall great experience.

To keep operation managers at ease while improving the business and to deliver the best of the best products and services to consumers, we’ve listed down 5 top challenges that retail operations can face. We haven’t just mentioned the challenges, but also explained how to overcome them.

1. Call for Customization

Retailers need to build and customize their products in a way that can perfectly meet customers’ needs. Nowadays, consumers have ever-changing demands which drive them greatly to look for unique experiences. Thus, to run the business successfully, you need to match your customers’ expectations and win their loyalty.

However, from time to time, retail managers must rethink the role of their stores, and need to concisely develop and work on personalized and smarter offers that can win customers trust.

Remember, shoppers want memorable experiences through great interaction; quality and fast services and last but not the least, they love to engage their senses with smells, creative sights, touch, and tastes.

So here is the trick: You can make shopping experience of your consumers better with increased artificial intelligence. How to do it?? Here you go! You can use customer data to make the shopping process improved by identifying the interest of your shoppers. You can also win customers likeness with showrooming or even with a design for the eyes, as usually, consumers purchasing journey start with a simple photograph or image.

Retailers should go through contemplate audits on regular basis, so they can have a précised check of the operations’ status. They should also generate specific reports to ensure compliance of all stages of the service that are offered to the shoppers.

2. Communication is the Key

Conducting a retail business is indeed a hard job, and regulating internal communication is no exception. The entanglement of communication process majorly depends on the size of the business, number of workers, dispersion, and among others.

However, there are four huge challenges in this whole scenario that you can consider to deal with it like a pro:

Scalability – Scale refers to more communication flows and complex teams, to solve this issue, you need to optimize the interaction between the staff members and with managers

Reporting – It is decisive to measure results and to keep a check on whether the teams are hitting the defined goals or not. So reporting is an important method for operation managers to make better-informed decisions, based on a review of upcoming and current communications

Automation – Automated signs are important to organize tasks and to not create stopgaps and to achieve team accountability. The better and prepared operations surely make you attain higher customer satisfaction

Tracking – It is essential to track communications and guarantee the excellence and compliance of each retail process, such as approvals, logistics, production, design, reviews, and others.

Manual tools like email or excel files are not enough to overcome these challenges. The most suitable way to meet all these requirements is the implementing of a POS System that can centralize every task. And if you want to have access to each and every detail of your business no matter where you are, then Cloud-Based POS is an ultimate solution that can make big and better impact on your business.  

3. Inflation in Retail Pricing

People are paying a handful amount to purchase daily essentials, so they prefer cutting on the budget that they used to set for retail products. In this case, it is necessary for the retailers to give customers a valid reason to shop for their products. It’s not enough to give a valid reason, but in order to earn customers trust for life; you are obliged to prove that your products worth the money and they are the best items with an amazing price tag.

On contrary, retailers also grapple to absorb higher costs which drive them towards raising the prices. So, in this situation, you will need to find a way that will be beneficial for both the parties.  And, here, the solution might be investing in proper planning of where to invest and what to keep in store to gain more profits while satisfying customers.  This can be done, when you automate your business processes and tasks, which will result in a better optimization of operations, control of costs, and higher customer contentedness.

In order to improve results, it is also preferable for retailers to rethink from time to time regarding their supply chains and then evaluate others options in the market.

4. Sustainability

In this era, the new generation is increasing desires for the transparency when it comes to judging the ethical practices of those from whom they are buying.

The conscious consumers are changing the reality of retail industry when it comes to environmental, political, social, or ecological impacts and whether you want or not, this is changing the way of running of operations.

To smartly meet this goal, you can rely on benefits offered by cloud-based POS that leads to the mission of being a source of good life also for the environmental sphere. It’s a cloud-based POS system that is 100% paper-free but works perfectly to maintain data and reports on digital platforms without the wastage of papers.

5. Digital Retardation

People are now relying more on the digital world, which means that retailers should also merge online and offline business for greater success. If you can have a physical outlet and you are earning good, still with the addition of an online store you can make your good earnings doubled.

Making an online presence, which involves a responsive website, a team to manage workload, and an effective social media presence can make you prominent among your competition. Not only in expanding business for better earning, but the tech is also playing a prompt part when it comes to managing the business. With outstanding features of cloud-based POS, you can manage business data from anywhere, anytime, all you will need is just an internet connection. With access to real-time data, you can replenish a store, manage KPI’s to achieve financial results, and define optimized labor schedules.

We hope that our list of challenges will help you immerse as a leading retailer.

We would love to hear from our visitors, so if you have any suggestions for retailers that can make a win over these challenges, then don’t forget to comment your idea below, in the comment section.