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5 Reasons Item Section In CISePOS Is Transforming Your Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the key modules of every POS software. To make sure that the inventory management system works effectively a POS has to have other features to make sure that the business keeps inventory with all the segregated details. 

When looking up dynamic POS software you will see a very interactive and well-detailed inventory management system. CISePOS being a leading POS software in Pakistan has a detailed inventory management system. CISePOS uses various tools that allow it to manage the inventory along with all details and segregations of the data. 

In this article, we will discuss various reasons the item section in CISePOS helps you transform your inventory management. Before we start discussing these important sections it is important to answer the following questions:

  • What Is Item Section In CISePOS?
  • What Are The Features Of The CISePOS Item Section?

What Is Item Section In CISePOS?

Item section is a tool in the CISePOS toolkit, which has different parameters to segregate the inventory. This section keeps all of the details about inventory, any new segregation, and parameters that have to be added to the inventory managed through this section of CISePOS. 

We have published a detailed article about our Item section in CISePOS in which we have added all the details about the section and how it works. 

What Are The Features Of The CISePOS Item Section?

The features of the item section in CISePOS are the tools that are the parameters that a businessman uses to manage their inventory and the details he wants for his inventory. 

List Items             Add Item

Item Modifiers         Suppliers

Brands             Search Item

Print Multiple BarCodes     Colors

Sizes                 Units

Promotions             Price List


These are some of the details that a user can manage through the item section. These parameters are necessary for inventory details and help businesses keep detailed inventory. 

5 Reason Item Section In CISePOS Helps In Transforming Your Inventory Management:

The reason CISePOS has an Item section is to help the inventory section get different parameters to segregate inventory data. Here are the five reasons the item section in CISePOS helps in transforming inventory management. 

  1. Add Different Suppliers & Brands
  2. Add Multiple Sizes & Colors
  3. Update Price List
  4. Modify Item Details
  5. Manage Promotions

1. Add Different Suppliers & Brands:

Every retail store that is not a brand store offers multiple brands and gets its inventory from various suppliers. Item sections help you record the details of all suppliers and brands. Once an inventory arrives you can select the supplier from the list as the system records all the suppliers, you can also add the associated brand. 

The item section gives you the option to add multiple brands and brand suppliers. Supplier details can be visible in purchase history and help in GRRN (Goods received return note) creation. 

2. Add Multiple Sizes & Colors:

Inventory data has to be organized with segregation of different sizes and colors. In garments, clothes stores, and marts we have products with different sizes and color specifications. To segregate inventory data into size and color specifications, the item section allows users to add different sizes and colors to the data. 

Once you create the parameter you can add the inventory accordingly. You can diversify your inventory with item sections as you can easily create multiple parameters of colors and sizes. 

3. Update Price List:

The Item section in CISePOS has a price list, the price list is what works as the data from where the price data is fetched. If the user wants to update or make any changes to a price list the item section is used to update the price list. 

If you want to update a price list to your CISePOS, the item section is where you can add it. Any change to the price list or any other thing related to the price list can be edited from the item section. 

4. Modify Item Details:

All the item details regarding quantity, manufacturing date, expiry date, GRN number, supplier, batch number, and other item details are all managed using the item section in CISePOS. Any modification, alteration, and edits in the item details can only be done using the item section in CISePOS. 

This section gives you the option to edit any errors to avoid any hassle in inventory management that can distort business operations. It is also used to update item details, any changes in the item details that were in the record previously can be edited using the CISePOS Item section. 

5. Manage Promotions:

CISePOS offers promotion and discount management on various products. You can create multiple promotions and sell accordingly. The item section is the place where you can add, edit or remove promotions. 

The promotion tool in the item section gives you the option to have multiple parameters like a product discount, a quantity discount, and a bank discount. You can set which type of promotion you want to set and the POS will update the sell section accordingly. 

CISePOS | A Dynamic Tool For Your Retail Store’s Inventory Management:

CISePOS offers various management solutions to your retail store. Its inventory management gives you complete control over your inventory. CISePOS offers real-time inventory updates along with various report generation and auto-sync features. 

Retailers using CISePOS know how it can help their inventory management and other business operations.