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5 Reasons You Need A Cafe POS Software For Your Cafe

Cafe deals in tens of products with various product categories and multiple suppliers. Such a dynamic business needs dynamic software to manage its business operations. Cafe POS is the best available tool to manage the operations of cafes along with sales management, inventory management, and accounts management. 

The integrations in a cafe POS are designed to help cafes in managing their business to enhance their efficiency and customer service. It also helps employees do their chores by digitizing simple procedures like sales processing and kitchen management. 

CISePOS offers specialized POS software for cafes that has all the necessary integrations to manage sales operations. 

5 Features Of Cafe POS Software Your Cafe Needs:

Cafe POS software is a specially designed point of sales software that has all the necessary tools that can help cafe employees manage their operations with ease. The basic feature of Cafe POS is to digitalize the operations of cafes to automate most of the everyday chores. 

Following are the five features of Cafe POS software that your cafe needs:

  1. Order Tracking 
  2. Recipe Management 
  3. Inventory Management 
  4. Digital Sales Checkout
  5. Multiple Sales Mode

1. Order Tracking:

Order tracking is the most needed feature for every cafe. Every cafe processes hundreds of orders every day. Once the order is taken it needs to be forwarded to the concerned section of the cafe to be served. 

Once the order is transferred to the counter it has to be tacked before being completed and served. The dashboard of the cafe POS contains all the information in the kitchen display system (KDS) to monitor the status of the order. 

CISePOS generates segregated prints for every section of the cafe. For example, a customer orders two coffees along with a swiss sandwich and an apple pie. The system will generate 3 receipts one for the beverage section, one for the sandwich section, and the other for the dessert section. This is how the system lessens takes care of employees’ hassles and generates segregated receipts. 

2. Recipe Management:

Recipe management is the most needed feature of the cafe POS that completely transforms the way cafes manage their recipes. Recipe management is a dynamic feature that makes cafes enter every detail of their raw material that is needed for that product into the system and whenever the item is sold it subtracts the raw material from the inventory. 

This is how recipe management in CISePOS works and helps cafes manage their recipes. Moreover, you can add multiple recipes and the system will update all the inventory according to that recipe. 

Another feature of the cafe POS recipe management system is that it keeps all the inventory aligned to make items that are popular in the cafe. 

3. Inventory Management:

Cafe POS has dedicated inventory management that can manage detailed inventory by creating multiple categories and subcategories for better segregation and management. The inventory management system keeps a record of every item entering the cafe and used. 

It also records the manufacturing date, expiry date, batch number, supplier, and all other important information regarding the inventory. The inventory management system in cafe POS can also manage inventory wastage and expired or damaged inventory. Such that the cafe owners know the detail of every inventory and how it was used. 

The inventory management system in cafe POS keeps on updating its features and allows users to manage modern challenges in inventory management. 

4. Digital Sales Checkout:

In the old days, cafes had to do manual processing for their sales checkout. Every cafe has to make handwritten receipts and manually deliver these receipts to their concerned section to process the order. 

Moreover, cafes have to manually enter the sales into the register to record the sales. With cafe POS the procedure of sales checkout becomes digital. Cafe POS has a digital sales processing section that can process sales and generate sales receipts. Then the inventory is automatically updated with the sales and so does the cash and accounting section. 

Cafe POS processes the sales and adjusts all the accounts of the business accordingly to keep the system updated. 

5. Multiple Sales Mode:

Cafes offer multiple sales modes for example some cafes offer takeaways and delivery and some offer dine-in along with delivery and takeaway. To accommodate these needs cafes need dynamic software that can manage all these needs to manage multiple sales modes. 

Cafe POS tries to accommodate such needs for that purpose. Cafe POS has a kitchen order tracking system (KOTs) that manages the dine-in facility through the software. Cafe POS allocate tables and waiters for every order to make it easy for cafe managers to manage their cafe. 

For delivery, the KOT system allocates riders and offers a tracking form to track the order that is dispatched for delivery. Moreover, it also processes takeaways with details of the customer and salesman to keep all the records. 

CISePOS | A Complete Cafe POS For Your Needs:

CISePOS is a POS software that has amazing features that are necessary for cafe operations. The recipe management and multiple sales mode management offer additional benefits to the cafes. 

CISePOS cafe POS contains various integrations that keep on updating with new features to speed up your cafe turnouts and provide additional customer service to users.