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5 Way CISePOS Helps In Multi-Store Management 

CISePOS is an effective POS software that helps retailers manage their sales operations. Along with other functions and features of CISePOS, it also offers state-of-the-art multi-store management to retailers with more than one branch. 

Multi-store management requires the system to be connected to a single server that works as a centralized command center and database for the store. Businesses with multiple stores under their name have to have a  system that can provide them with the features and tools to manage their sales operations. 

CISePOS retail software helps such brands manage their multiple stores with centralized cloud software that collects and stores all the business transactions and data in a cloud database. 

Here we will try to summarize how this whole system works and how it manages to help businesses manage their multiple stores from a single server. 

5 Ways CISePOS Manages Multiple Stores

Although this is something that CISePOS is capable of using its various features, we will try to break it further to ensure you get a detailed idea of how this software works. 

Following are the five major ways CISePOS helps in multi-store management:

  • Cloud Server
  • Centralized Operations
  • Inter-Branch Transfers 
  • Segregated Reports
  • User Management

Cloud Server:

The first thing that makes CISePOS manage multiple stores for a brand is its cloud server. A cloud server is an online server where the whole framework of the POS is and this is where the whole operations happen. 

CISePOS online servers store all the data in the cloud database that is connected to the server, so that all the data can be accessed through online access. As the server is a cloud so all the stores are connected to it via the internet and the business managers and owner can see all the action happening in the business and keep an eye on it. 

Moreover, cloud servers also allow users to remotely access all the data via the internet so that even if you are away from your business you can have an eye on your operations.

Centralized Operations:

With the help of a cloud server CISePOS performs all its operations through the centralized center which is the foundation from which the whole operation of the business is performed. Businesses running multiple stores need that kind of POS that has centralized operations that can be monitored from one place. 

CISePOS centralized operations keeps its operations on a single command and database that can be accessed by authorized people. With the help of these features businesses can easily track every transaction and every sale. 

Inter-Branch Transfers:

Inter-branch transfers refers to transfer of inventory, funds, or any resource from one branch to another. This helps businesses track their resources transferred to each other. With the help of these features you can connect all your branches to a single network that can substitute resources needed to provide uninterrupted services to the customers. 

CISePOS helps you connect your branches in this way so that you can have your inventory, cash, funds, employees or any other resources through the system while keeping everything on record. 

This feature is not offered by every POS software, CISePOS being the best POS software in Pakistan allows retailers to have such amazing POS software that can manage multiple branches at once. 

Segregated Reports:

Detailed and analytical reporting is among the best and most used modules of CISePOS. When managing multiple branches people get confused with the reports as they contain all the details of the retail business as a whole, but with CISePOS it is completely different. 

CISePOS generates segregated reports to the users that contain all the details of the sales, inventory, accounts, and customers data. The reporting section has the parameter to set for various segregations in the reporting data. 

You get all the data by selecting different branches or all branches at once in your reports. The segregated reporting of CISePOS gives you a glimpse of every branch separately or at whole. 

User Management:

User management refers to employee management using the software. CISePOS offers user management for every branch separately. So that you can identify multiple users in the sales data. 

All the users data and their ID creation can be performed by the branch software and it can be monitored through the center software. 

Is It Worth The Value?

What we have just discussed are some popular features of CISePOS that help you manage your multiple stores, but is it really worth the value you are paying for? How much you have to pay to manage all your stores at once with cloud software. 

Yes it is totally worth your money and time, CISePOS is one of the most affordable POS software when it comes to the value it provides you. You can add branches to your POS once you paid for your POS subscription plan, CIS will charge you a minimum amount for the additional branch you are integrating with the POS. 

So you don’t have to purchase a different POS for every branch, instead pay for it once and get additional branches attached to it with a small fee. 


CISePOS is the best POS software you can get with the amazing features and subscription plan you want. CISePOS is the best option to manage the sales operations of your multiple stores through a centralized server and cloud software. 

With various integrations and modules of the CISePOS gives the opportunity to bring operational efficiency to your business management. CISePOS also helps you enhance your customer service to attract more customers to your business. 

Moreover, CISePOS offers you dedicated customer support for your POS software. The support team will help you and guide you through all operations and features of the POS. 

CIS will consult to you get the best plan that suits your needs and help you get the best hardware for your POS operation. 

CISePOS hardware includes some additional hardware equipment like barcode reader, receipt printers, cash registers, and weight scale. The hardware can be easily connected with the POS and help you manage all the operations through POS.