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6 Success Tips for Retailers in Modern Markets!

2019 is the year of new opportunities and advancements for retailers. The reduced geographical barriers and expand the market scope of the retail industry has changed the definition of success. Not only this, but the measures defining the competitiveness of the retail sectors have also been affected largely. Here we will be discussing a few success tips to the retailers in consideration of the new tactics and expectations from the retail sector.

1.     Move to Cloud

Moving to the cloud has is not an option but has become necessary for the retailers. Having singe or multi-stores, retailers are forced to run their operations in the cloud because cloud computing is the present. Not doing so directly affects the retail store’s efficiency and overall customer experience. Moreover, not moving to the cloud will limit the profit margins and restrict available opportunities making sustainability of the retail store highly risky. So, the retail stores are advised to instantly shift on cloud-based operations. And you know what it is not going to be highly costly. Because the majority of the upgrade and advanced cloud POS are based on the SaaS model in order to make it affordable for a single room shop as well as for large retailers. Moreover, this model also keeps the software upgraded without costing any extra penny from the retailers. Whereas, the experience of this new POS system of the industry gained by handling different retailers makes them efficient, smart, mature and dependable. In more of the cases, even retailers do not realize the need of any upgrading, but the Artificial Intelligence used in these POS systems helps the retailers in communicating the new emerging demands and expectations of their concern customers. Also, it supports in bringing those changes in the retail store without causing any difficulty for the staff members.

2.     Keep Your Customers Engaged Through Website and Social Media Platforms

Keeping in contact with the customers is not the complete definition of customer engagement for the retailers. Instead, being available for instant responding to the customers in what keeps the customers engaged, loyal and satisfied. The social media presence of retailers i.e. profiling on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn and etc. makes access to the customers easy and convenient. Then how can retailers become responsive to customers’ needs? Web Based Point of Sale is what retailers require for becoming responsive. But how? The function of operating online has made it easy for the retailers to keep their operations workable even on clouds. In other words, customers can get their required products/services on their desired timing by simply contacting through any preferred online medium. Whereas, the retailers can attend their customers virtually with confidence because they can manage the supply of the demanded products. Other than this, having an e-commerce website has become a necessity for existing retail stores. And one cannot operate an e-commerce website efficiently if it is not supported by a reliable online POS solution.

3.     Use Analytics for Becoming Customer Favorite

In this era, retailers cannot impose their general ideas on the customers. Instead, those retailers who understand the need of their individual customers and posses the ability to offer them fully customized products and services have become the market leaders. But how is this even possible? Successful retailers have fully shifted their operations on an online medium and choose the most competitive POS solution. It enables the retailers in remaining updated with their store happenings by generating real-time reports with real-time tracking of sales. Responding to market trends on an immediate basis helps the retailers in becoming their customer’s favorite.

4.     Give High Tech Experience to Customers in Store

The marketing strategy can only work out well if all the associated parts of the brand speak the same language. This rule is also applied to retail stores therefore; they should be communicating the same message whether customers are reaching them through the online or offline medium. If the customers experience any difference in online shopping or in traditional buying, then the brand image will remain conflicted and unclear in the mind of the consumers. What successful retailers are doing for keeping this balance? If a retailer has become responsive in the online platform then it should also be offering technological experience in their traditional bricks and mortar store. How? By replacing or at least adjusting Mobiles or Tablets with their on-ground staff. Using technology for customer assistance in both of the available medium will help the retailers in remaining responses. But how can a human be replaced? Updated and advanced POS based on cloud is the solution you are looking for.

5.     Hire Consultants rather than Sales Person

What is the difference between consultants and salesmen? Let clear this out first. The main purpose of consultants is to assist people and help them make the right choice. On the other hand, the primary goal of a salesman is to make maximum sales and go beyond their sales target. People always react positively towards consultants and end-up developing high loyalty with the brand. That is why retailers are suggested to hire qualified consultants who focus on underst6anding their customers and providing solutions. Moreover, the on-ground and l8ive experience of these consultants can help the retailers in interpreting the changes in a market trend that have been noted through the Cloud POS software.

6.     Do Not Forget To Ask Customers for Their Suggestions

What is the point of making any change in the retail store, website or any of its operations if it is not accepted or liked by the customers?  Therefore, successful retailers always involve the customer’s opinion in their decisions. This not only helps them in securing their investment but also improves their relationship with the customers. But practically how is it even possible to let customers participate in decision making? All you need to have is updated cloud POS software that will keep the customers informed in different phases of development. Each the relation of the customers on every one of these phases will help you in making the right choice.