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7 Amazing Features Of CISePOS That You Need For Your Pharmacy

CISePOS helps pharmacies manage their sales, inventory, and accounts. It also fastens the sales process and reduces customers waiting in lines with faster checkouts. It also provides a detailed inventory management system with best-before dates, storage types, and medicine categories. 

CISePOS, Pakistan’s most accessible POS software, tries to accommodate every type’s retail business, especially pharmacies. The module integrations of CISePOS are designed to fulfill the requirements of the pharmacy business and help them scale their operations with ease. 

There are different aspects of business operations in pharmacies that CISePOS targets and they try to bring a one-window solution for most of them. Although the whole software is there to accommodate your needs, there are seven features that you must know. 

Why Do Pharmacies Need A POS Software?

There are several reasons why a pharmacy might need POS software. The most obvious reason is to keep track of inventory and sales. POS software can help a pharmacy manage its inventory by tracking what products are selling well and which ones are not selling as well. This information can help the pharmacy order more of the popular items and less of the things that are not selling well.

Another reason a pharmacy might need POS software is to manage customer loyalty programs. Many pharmacies offer loyalty programs that give customers points for every purchase. POS software can help the pharmacy keep track of these points and issue rewards to customers who reach certain thresholds.

Finally, POS software can help a pharmacy manage its finances. POS software can track sales and inventory levels, which can help the pharmacy know when it needs to order more products and when it can afford to sell items at a discount.

7 Features Of CISePOS That Your Pharmacy Needs

CISePOS is a dynamic POS with all the necessary features to manage any business. Still, it has some industry-specific features designed to accommodate the needs of a particular business like a pharmacy. 

Here are the seven components of CISePOS that your pharmacy needs. 

  1. E-Receipts & Invoicing
  2. Segregated Inventory Management
  3. Detailed Purchase Order Management
  4. Built-In Demand Sheet Maintainance
  5. Fast Sales Checkouts
  6. Multiple Payment Methods
  7. Detailed Reporting

1. E-Receipts & Invoicing

Invoicing and receipts are essential for pharmacies because they provide a record of the products and services that a pharmacy has provided. This documentation can be used for tax purposes, to track inventory, and to monitor customer spending. Electronic invoicing and receipt systems can make it easier for pharmacies to generate and track this documentation and provide customers with a convenient way to receive and store their records.

CISePOS provides customizable electronic billing features that allow businesses to manage which details they want on their receipts. You can also add the name of your pharmacy and other details like address, contact details, and additional information about your customers. 

2. Segregated Inventory Management

Inventory management is a critical part of any pharmacy business. An effective inventory management system can help pharmacies keep track of their stock, manage their finances, and make better decisions about purchasing and selling products.

A segregated inventory management system can help pharmacies:

Keep Track Of Stock Levels.

CISePOS software can help keep track of stock levels by automatically generating reports on sales and inventory levels. This information can be used to make decisions about ordering new stock or adjusting prices to match demand.

It also keeps track of stock levels by tracking customer purchase history. This information can be used to identify trends in customer buying behavior and make decisions about stocking levels and pricing accordingly.

Moreover, CISePOS also track stock levels by integrating with other business systems, such as accounting and inventory management systems. This integration can provide a complete picture of stock levels and help make better decisions about ordering and pricing.

Reduce The Risk Of Stockouts

CISePOS keeps inventory levels in real-time, which helps pharmacies avoid stockouts. CISePOS software can help businesses predict future demand and avoid stockouts by generating reports on past sales data. And by providing alerts when inventory levels are low, POS software can help companies to prevent stockouts.

Categories Inventory For Better Efficiency

There are a few reasons why stock categorization is essential in pharmacies:

  1. It helps to ensure that the proper medications are being dispensed to patients.
  2. It helps to keep track of inventory and ensure that stock levels are maintained.
  3. It can help to identify trends in medication use and help to forecast future needs.

Reduce Waste And Shrinkage

In pharmacies, reducing waste and shrinkage is essential because it helps to control costs and ensure that medications are available to patients when needed. Reducing waste can also help to improve patient safety by reducing the chances of medication errors.

CISePOS can help reduce wastage in pharmacies by providing accurate and up-to-date information on stock levels and by automatically generating re-ordering reports when stock levels reach predetermined levels. In addition, POS software can help to reduce shrinkage by providing visibility of stock movements and generating alerts when stock levels fall below minimum levels.

3. Detailed Purchase Order Management

Purchase order management helps ensure that the pharmacy has an accurate inventory. It helps to keep track of expiration dates and ensure that expired medications are not dispensed to patients. It can help to reduce costs by negotiating better prices with suppliers. It helps to streamline the process of ordering, receiving, and stocking medications.

CISePOS can help with purchase order management in several ways:

  1. It can keep track of inventory levels and help ensure sufficient inventory is on hand to meet customer demand.
  2. It can help to streamline the ordering process by providing a central repository for purchase orders and invoices.
  3. It can supply reports and analytics that can help managers to understand purchasing trends and make informed decisions about inventory levels and ordering processes.

4. Built-In Demand Sheet Maintainance

It is important for pharmacies to maintain a demand sheet for many reasons. This document can help the pharmacy track what products are in high demand, which can help them manage inventory and ensure that they always have the products their customers need. Additionally, the demand sheet can help the pharmacy predict future trends and needs, which can help them plan for future growth.

CISePOS for a pharmacy can help maintain a demand sheet by organizing and tracking inventory levels. This can help ensure that the correct items are ordered and that shelves are stocked appropriately. Users can manually update the sheet with things so that all the in-demand items are noted to ensure that the inventory has all the necessary items demanded. 

5. Fast Sales Checkouts

The importance of fast sales checkouts for pharmacies cannot be understated. In today’s competitive marketplace, pharmacies must be able to provide their customers with a quick and convenient shopping experience. Fast sales checkouts allow pharmacies to process transactions quickly and efficiently, which can significantly improve customer satisfaction. In addition, immediate sales checkouts can help pharmacies save money on labor costs and increase their overall profitability.

CISePOS software provides fast checkout to pharmacies by automating many tasks associated with traditional checkout methods, such as ringing up items and calculating totals. This can save significant time for both pharmacists and customers. You can also generate the barcodes of the things that can be read through the scanners, and it becomes easy for employees to punch the sales. The software can automatically calculates discounts, taxes, and service charges, saving you time and fastening sales operations. 

6. Multiple Payment Methods

Payment methods are essential for pharmacies because they allow customers to pay for their prescriptions in a way that is convenient for them. Some customers prefer to pay cash, while others use a debit or credit card. Having multiple payment methods available makes it more likely that customers will be able to pay for their prescriptions, which is essential for the pharmacy’s financial health.

CISePOS provides multiple payment methods to pharmacies by allowing them to accept numerous forms of payment, such as cash, credit, and debit cards. It also allows users to sell their products on credit, making it easier to manage all the sales on the software that is easier to manage. 

7. Detailed Reporting

Pharmacies are responsible for dispensing medication to patients. They must maintain accurate records of the drug they administer to ensure that patients receive the correct medication and dosage. Detailed reporting helps pharmacies track their inventory, monitor patient safety, and improve their overall quality of care.

CISePOS provides detailed reporting to pharmacies by tracking sales data and inventory levels. This information can be used to make informed decisions about purchasing, pricing, and promotions. Additionally, POS software can help pharmacies manage prescription refill requests and automate billing and payments.

CISePOS | A Perfect POS For Your Pharmacy

CISePOS tries to accommodate the need of your business operations by providing all the necessary features that can transform your functions into an efficient and productive system that automates most of its operations for better results.