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7 Features Of Dynamic Dashboard In CISePOS 

CISePOS has various features that help retailers in managing their sales. Among different modules and tools, the dashboard of CISePOS has its own functions and features. The features give a glimpse of different aspects of the business to the user. 

The dashboard works as a junction to all the resources and modules. Following are the seven features of CISePOS’s dashboard. 

  • Sales Statistics
  • Today’s Total Sale in PKR
  • Today’s Total Sale Return in PKR
  • Today’s Total Net Sales in PKR
  • Item wise sales by value
  • Category wise sales by value
  • Sales Graph

Sales Statistics:

Sales statistics is the first thing a user will see when he login to the POS software. The sales statistics section includes sales data. The data visible on the dashboard is precisely selected as the most important data of sales.

Following is the data that is available in the sales statistics section of the dashboard:

  • Today’s total sale amount:
  • Total sales today
  • Total item discounts today
  • Total bill discounts today
  • Total sales today
  • Yesterday’s total sale amount
  • Total sales yesterday
  • Total item discounts yesterday
  • Total bill discounts yesterday
  • Total sales yesterday

The user can get the numbers that he wants to know in a glimpse. 

Today’s Total Sale in PKR:

Today’s total sales in the PKR section have the value of sales that happen in the day. It includes the PKR amount of sales. Moreover, the section contains the segregation of sales data in

  • Cash Sale 
  • Party Sale 
  • Credit Card Sale

The user can see which transaction medium is preferred by the customers. 

Today’s Total Sale Return in PKR:

Today’s total sales return section contains the value of sales return that happened in a day. This data helps the user to know how many sales are returning back to the business. 

CISePOS shows this data on the dashboard to help the user to know the reoccurrence of sales returns every day.

Today’s Total Net Sales in PKR:

Today’s total net sales section contains the data carrying the sales data of the day adjusted to sales return.

Item wise sales by value:

Items wise sales by value sections show the data of the item sold. It shows the item that is sold the most. It shows the quantity and value of the sales. 

Moreover, the user can set the timeframe he wants to see from the last day, the last 30 days, and last year. This section highlights the high selling items in the store.

Category wise sales by value:

Category wise sales by value section show different categories that are sold at the store. It shows the number of items sold in that category and the value of sales.

Sales Graph:

The sales graph section shows sales graphs that have dates and the value of sales that happen on that day. The graph gives an insight into sales data to the user.