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7 Types Of POS Systems And Their Uses

The point-of-sales system is an iconic masterpiece when it comes to the digitization of businesses across the globe. Businesses have faced difficulty in managing their sales because they lack awareness of the use of technology in everyday business activities.

Today, millions of businesses of all kinds and sizes use POS systems across the globe.

Every business has its own needs, but how can the same POS system help all businesses with the same features? The answer is simple, it didn’t. There are different types of POS systems integrated with different features to entertain businesses with different needs.

In this article, we will discuss the seven popular types of POS systems and their uses. Each of the types distinguishes from others based on different factors, we will discuss these factors briefly.

Types Of POS Systems

  • Mobile POS system
  • Tablet POS system
  • Terminal POS system
  • Online POS system
  • Self-service POS system
  • Multi-channel POS system
  • Open source POS system

Mobile POS System

A Mobile POS system is specially designed to be installed on mobile. It works on an application that helps record sales, payment processing, and keep records of small inventory units. Mobile POS systems are used by small business owners or they can also be used by large-sized retail businesses in a way that a number of mobile POS systems are used by different employees and data is collected in the centralized database.

Mobile POS systems help employees to carry the system with them to easily perform their tasks.

Tablet POS System

The Tablet POS system is like a mobile POS system but the difference is the hardware used in it. The Tablet POS system works as an application installed on an iPad or Android tablet. The tablet is connected to the database that sends and receives information about payment, inventory, and customer data.

The Tablet POS system is used by small and medium-sized businesses. Usually, retail stores and restaurants use a tablet POS system. The employee can easily carry a tablet and process the purchase, the transaction is completed when the customer checks out from the shop or restaurant.

Terminal POS System

A Terminal POS system is the typical POS system business use that has a system attached to different hardware like a barcode reader, cash drawer, card reader, and a screen. All of the hardware is used to perform a single transaction. Every transaction is recorded in a centralized database.

Terminal POS system is mostly used by large-sized businesses. Tens of systems can be connected to a centralized terminal POS system as a huge retail business uses.

Online POS System

The Online POS system did not require separate hardware to be installed. The Online POS system is used on the server provided by the POS system provider. It can be accessed through the internet while some can be used offline.

The Online POS system has a cloud-based database that can be accessed remotely. Online POS systems can be used by multiple users at once. Small businesses use this POS system.

Self-Service POS System

A Self-service POS system is an advanced POS system, used by modern retail stores. The Self-service POS system is extremely user-friendly and efficient. Retail brands use this type of POS system to enhance their customer’s experience. 

A Self-service POS system is a specially designed set of hardware and software. Like the terminal POS system, it has payment processing hardware like the card reader and auto cash depositor. It also has a barcode scanner and a large touch screen for customers to navigate. 

If a customer wants to check out they can simply reach the system and insert their purchased item into the system through a barcode reader. Complete their purchase by making the payment either through cash or their bank cards. Moreover, they can also pay by scanning the QR code generated by the system into their banking app.

Multi-Channel POS System

A Multi-channel POS system is an advanced integration of POS systems. As businesses are using the cross-channel approach to sell their products, the POS system has to encounter this advancement through upgrades. 

A Multi-channel POS system can be integrated with the online-sales section of the business while on-site sales are entertained by the on-site POS system.

With help of this POS system businesses with a cross-channel approach can manage their sales and inventory at once.

Open Source POS System

Open source POS systems can be easily customized as per the need of the business. Open source POS systems can entertain businesses with dynamic approaches.

Businesses with complex needs prefer open source POS systems to easily adjust the POS system according to their needs. Mostly, large-sized businesses prefer using open-source POS systems.

POS system providers integrate different features to make it perfect for the business.  

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