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7 Useful Features Of Fruit Shop POS Software

POS software is the need of every retail business that wants to excel at the speed of their sales operations. From small to large retailers everyone prefers using dynamic POS software for their sales operations and enhances their business management. 

Like every other retailer, fruit shops also need a management solution that can outperform manual sales operations and create unique systematic sales operations that can bring efficiency to the systems. 

Fruit shop POS software is an integration or version of POS software that can help fruit shops manage their sales operations and other important tasks like inventory management, customer management, and accounts management. 

In this article, we will discuss useful features of fruit shop POS software. 

7 Features Of Fruit Shop POS Software:

Although there are various features of fruit shop POS software here we will discuss the seven fruit shop POS software. 

Following are the seven features of fruit shop POS software:

  1. Dedicated Inventory Management For Fresh Fruits
  2. Fast Sales Processing
  3. Detailed Accounting Management
  4. Multiple Sales Mode
  5. Customized Weight & Unit Management 
  6. Purchase Order Management 
  7. Affordability

1. Dedicated Inventory Management For Fresh Fruits:

Fresh fruit management is a complicated task and needs a dedicated system to manage them. As fruits perish easily they need a system that can take care of every aspect of fresh fruits. Fruit shop POS software is equipped with a dedicated inventory management system that makes sure that fresh fruits are well managed. 

The system segregates different categories of fruits and vegetables and maintains them in storage as per their respective needs. Moreover, there are various segregations in the fruit section because fruit is a vast section of items. 

Fruit shop POS software makes sure that the need to maintain a detailed inventory is fulfilled using the inventory management module in the software. 

2. Fast Sales Processing:

Fruit shop POS software makes sure that the system processes all the sales swiftly. Every POS software has a sales processing section with all the features to process the shop’s sales. Fruit shops sell fruits in various units and often take time to weigh and then close the sales. 

Fruit shop POS software canhas the ability to connect with the weight scale that puts all the weights on the software and the software that contains the prices, compute the price and close the sales. Fruit shop POS software tries to make sure that it processes sales swiftly so that more people can come into the shop and business grows. 

3. Detailed Accounting Management:

Accounting management is a basic management every business needs regardless of the size and type of business. Retail businesses deal immensely with cash and transactional volume so they need accounting management that can handle the real-time computation of every transaction and maintain accounting reports and databases. 

Fruit shop POS software is equipped with dedicated accounting management software that records every transaction that happens through POS. To manage cash not related to sales the system generates vouchers to keep them tracked as well. 

Moreover, the accounting module in fruit shop POS software generates accounting reports and maintains all the data in the database for any reconciliation and record. Since the whole system connects the primary data sources to the analysis and data recording chances of errors and double-entry are none. 

4. Multiple Sales Mode:

Today selling through single-mode limits the opportunity to grow. Every business nowadays uses all modern means along with multiple sales modes to expand their business by increasing sales. 

To manage multiple sales fruit shops need a system that can handle multiple sales modes. Fruit shop POS software is the tool that can be used to manage multiple sales modes at once. It allows fruit shops to sell through on-premises sales, deliveries, and online sales. 

As all of the sales are monitored using the same POS software the system will be able to process the sales transaction from every platform and the POS software will update every module connected to the firmware. 

5. Customized Weight & Unit Management:

As mentioned above fruit shops do not have predefined weights for sale. People used to buy as per their convenience ranging from 50 grams to KGs. To accommodate such weight ranges and multiple units, fruit shop POS software offers customized weight and unit management, where users can add multiple weights and units to accommodate their needs to process sales. 

Inventory management carries all the information regarding the fruits in stock and also about their prices as per the unit associated with it. When the salesman performs a sale he enters the weight and the system fetches the price for that particular unit or weight. 

6. Purchase Order Management:

Since fruits are highly perishable items, fruit shops have to purchase the fruits from farms or wholesalers rapidly. To manage purchase order management, fruit shops need a system that can help them manage and make purchase orders. 

Fruit shop POS software is the most used software for purchase order management. It creates GRN (goods received note) for every purchase order to monitor the inventory inflow and funds outflow. GRN code helps identify the purchase order and the batch associated with the GRN. 

Purchase order management keeps a record of every purchase return and generates GRRN (goods received return note) that keeps a record of every purchase return along with details of the return. 

7. Affordability:

Affordability is the most important and the most considered feature of fruit shop POS software. Not all fruit shop POS software is affordable, but in Pakistan, we have an amazing fruit shop POS software named CISePOS. This POS software offers cloud POS software at an affordable subscription plan. Instead of paying for expensive software from limited financial resources fruit shops can get this amazing fruit shop based on a monthly subscription plan.

With minimum money, fruit shops get all the advanced features of fruit shop POS software to experience the true luxury of organizational efficiency. 

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