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Affordable FBR Point Of Sale Integration For Easier Business Taxation

CISePOS offers FBR Point Of Sale Integration to all users of the POS Software. No matter which module you are subscribed to your Point Of Sale supports a possible FBR Integration.

FBR Point Of Sale Integration works by segregating the tax element of all your business purchases and sales. 

If you’re a registered business, Pakistani Law obliges you to maintain tax records and pay the tax you owe monthly to the authoritative body: FBR, Federal Board of Revenue.

This task is difficult to perform without indulging a lot of time in it. 

Since maintaining tax records is a repeated task, a business without FBR POS Integration would need to collect all sales and purchase records monthly, calculate the tax element in them, find the difference between Purchase and Sales Tax to the business, and then deduce an amount owed to/by the FBR.

With FBR Point Of Sale Integration, your POS software automatically does all of that in a matter of seconds! 

How FBR Point Of Sale Integration Works

fbr point of sale integration

FBR POS Integration works by collecting the data in your POS and using it to generate tax records and reports.

Each time a purchase or sale is made by the Point Of Sale System, its receipts clearly show the amount of tax charged on it.

This charge is stored in the POS Tax Database and listed in chronological order.

At the end of the day, whenever the manager or owner of the business needs to know how much tax their business owes/is owed, FBR POS Integration generates a thorough Tax Report.

This Tax Report shows all detail of taxations, including the list of purchases and sales, the tax charges incurred in them, and the total balance amount of what the business owes to the FBR.

An attractive feature of FBR Point Of Sale Integration is its Real Time updates. The tax accounting records are updated in real time whenever a sale or purchase is made by the business. This means the second a sale or purchase is processed through the POS, the tax records will automatically be updated.

Benefits of Using FBR Integration to CISePOS

FBR Point Of Sale Integration overall puts the business at ease and simplifies and automates complex business processes.

A business using FBR POS Integration will be at peace knowing all their tax records are maintained and up to date and all payments to FBR are made in an easy and organized manner.

Easy Sales and Tax Reports

pos tax reports

The biggest advantage of using FBR Integration is the time saved for managers. Even if you’re a multinational business, FBR Point Of Sale Software can generate tax reports in a matter of seconds. This saves businesses hours and hours of time they can invest in different activities to help their business.

Earning The Customer’s Trust

customer satisfaction

FBR Point Of Sale Integration enables customers of your business to verify their purchases and the taxes charged on them. 

Many dishonest businesses charge taxes on their products to attach a higher price to their product even if they’re not registered with FBR. 

With FBR POS Integration, the customer can verify their purchases by finding useful information on the receipt printed by CIS POS software. This will include your business’ NTN number and a QR code.

This code can be scanned to verify tax details relating to a purchase using the Tax Asaan Application of FBR.

Achieve Better Credibility

fbr point of sale integration helps a business grow

A business that is registered to the FBR is known to be more credible. If you’re a small business, FBR registration should be your earliest next step. 

FBR Point Of Sale Integration helps a business be more trusted in society and attaches a positive label to the business knowing they contribute to the country’s taxation.

FBR Integrated businesses also find more and better B2B clients. It’s easier for a business that is registered for taxes to find supplier and customer businesses and also helps them with bank procedures such as issuing loans.

FBR Point Of Sale Integration Procedure

To Register your business with FBR, visit FBR Business Registration.

CISePOS makes FBR POS Integration extremely affordable at a fixed rate of only Rs. 1000/- per month.

To connect your POS with FBR Integration, contact our FBR POS consultants

The process of FBR Integration takes less than an hour so order now