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Android Tab App

CISePOS Android Tab App For Streamlined Business Operations

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CISePOS Android Application Helps You Create Efficient Sales Operations

CISePOS Application is a point of sales app that helps you manage your sales operation on android devices. Get remote access to your business with the CISePOS android application. Our android application is designed to formulate complex sales operations with the convenience and help you get your sales operation streamlined for growth and profitability.

Serve Your Customers With Ease Using CISePOS Android Application

The future is of new and advanced technology in sales operations. Android devices like tablets and smartphones are the new devices that will be used as a substitute for PCs and other fixed devices. CISePOS developed an application that will help you compete against these technological advancements with its Android app. Access your POS software on your tablet using the CISePOS android application.

Easy To Carry

CISePOS android app is an application that can be downloaded on your tablet making it highly portable and easy to carry.

Offline Operations

Our point of sales android app is completely operational without internet connectivity. Your data will be uploaded to our database with an internet connection.

Easy To Use

CISePOS being Pakistan’s easiest POS software offers user-friendly interfaces along with easy to use modules.

Cost Friendly

CISePOS android tab is a cost-friendly POS software. Without the need for a separate PC and other related hardware, our POS software app saves your money on hardware and resources.

Easy To Update

Every version of CISePOS is easy to update because of its cloud operations. CISePOS android app receives automatic updates without any hassle of disruption in the sales operations.

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