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Bakery POS – The Most Featureful Bakery Point Of Sale Software

Are you a bakery owner?  Managing your store without a good point of sale system? Or are you stuck using an old POS software that doesn’t fulfil your needs anymore?

Well, don’t worry! CIS Bakery POS solves all your bakery management problems to create an efficient and smooth working environment.

CIS Bakery POS aims at small and large bakeries running without a proper management system. This means your store is losing hundreds of sales while your potential is largely restricted because you haven’t adapted to new technology.

However, for ease of access, CIS helps bakery owners get the best POS for bakeries available in the market for a POS price of just PKR 1500.

Intrigued? Then read ahead on how CIS Bakery POS is the right fit for your bakery.

Fast and Efficient Point Of Sale System

There are a number of reasons bakeries, in general, would want a fast working and accurate point of sale system.

For small bakeries and startups, it is an innovative feature for the bakery to attract customers against.

Plus, pretty cool for a small bakery to provide receipts, isn’t it?
Apart from that, even if your bakery doesn’t have a big customer turnover that deals with long queues, customers prefer to have an accurate and verifiable record of their purchases. Plus, even without a queue, they would always prefer for their purchase to be as quick as possible.

CIS Bakery POS aids this cause by featuring a fast sales module that can manage customizable carts and process a sale in a matter of seconds.

And, at the end of the sale, provide the customer with an authentic receipt which can be later read through by the customer.

For large bakeries, an efficient Point Of Sale system is a need to face the heavy crowd they meet each day.

CIS Bakery POS not only makes the sales process easy and fast to prevent queues in a bakery, but also helps the retail operators with better management.

Additionally, it also helps owners of a bakery to be at peace of mind knowing the cash invested in the business is safe and secure under the responsibility of employees. 

A Point Of Sale software clearly indicates the true form of a business and helps prevent theft in a store.

Intelligent Inventory Management

Bakeries often deal with perishable products that have very little shelf life. This means it is important for the bakery managers to maintain sales and properly regulate inventory.

Bakeries without a POS system largely deal with expired products in their inventory which dissatisfies customers and loses the store many sales.

With CIS Bakery POS, you get complete control of inventory, while tracking and recording the store’s inventory is automated.

Upon purchases and sales entered in the POS, the POS software automatically adjusts inventory records.

At any given moment of time, the managers can know the exact amount of items they currently have in the store.

Secondly, because a bakery deals with perishable goods, the purchase process of inventory is dealt by bakeries every day.

This means a bakery needs to order inventory of different amounts daily and keep thorough records of it.

With Bakery POS, this task is eased up by a large margin. Bakery managers can easily create Purchase Orders, verify inventory through GRNs, generate reports related to the inventory like Physical Stock Report, and much more!

Upon creating a Purchase Order, our latest POS update also enables managers to view their current stock and make a purchase related to that figure.

Managing Multiple Branches With Bakery POS

Large bakeries are mostly seen to be using a Point Of Sale system, however, with new times technology has changed for the better.

Still, many bakeries are seen to be using old POS like Desktop POS which have far too many features outdated or completely commissioned in comparison to a new Cloud POS.

Because CIS Bakery POS is a web based POS, managing multiple branches is now easier than ever.

Through a single Cloud POS, regional managers and owners can have complete control over all their branches. This means they can view reports or real time statistics of each branch at any time, anywhere.

Moreover, with Bakery POS, bakeries with multiple branches are offered better inventory management with Transfers in between branches.

If a bakery falls to a shortage or overstocking, any retail operator can view inventory levels of different branches and can request Transfer Ins and Transfer Outs.

These are just some of the main features of CIS Bakery POS. If you want to try the POS on your own, register now for a Free POS demo.

Or, alternatively, contact our POS consultants for personal advice.