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Best And Affordable Canteen POS in Pakistan

Best And Affordable Canteen POS In Pakistan

Point of Sales software has become a necessity in this era of digitalization. POS eases your business tasks and provides you a chance to manage your business effectively. Many retail stores are still operating without any POS. Canteen POS is one kind of retail software that helps in managing the business efficiently.

POS software and system is growing worldwide. Amazon GO, a technology store in which a customer comes, picks up the grocery, and leaves. This can revolutionalize the use of POS.

Canteen POS helps a business to manage all the products and create different categories for different items. It will help in professional management and save your time and cost.

5 Advantages Of Using Canteen POS

Canteen POS provides a competitive advantage. For example, there are around six to seven canteens on the same premises. A canteen with a POS will be able to provide multiple services such as different payment methods, and also keep a record of all the sales. 

Canteen POS will cater to the need of hundreds of students and manage the long queues at breaktime. Canteen POS will provide an advantage to the owners in the following ways;

Faster Service With Canteen POS

Universities have many pupils studying and break is a rush hour. You need to manage long queues. Faster services with Canteen POS can be achieved.

Canteen managers can generate quick receipts and avoid mismanagement. This will allow quick order preparation and also save time for students and the canteen management.

It makes the job of management easier. Efforts can be minimized. You can assure the quality of services and that too at a faster pace.

Multiple Canteens Management

Some canteen owners own different canteens in different universities and colleges. A Point of Sales software helps them to manage all the stores at once.

A cloud POS will give them real-time reports and analytics of all the canteens. They can view summarized sales reports, inventory reports, and other analytics.

With the integration of FBR POS, canteens can manage the taxes just like restaurants. So, it makes overall management easy with FBR POS. 

Effective Inventory System

An effective inventory system is very important. Restaurants need to keep their items fresh.to serve the best quality food to their customers. A similar situation applies to the canteen. 

Canteens have a responsibility of providing fresh food to the students, or if in hospital, to the patients. Therefore, A canteen POS helps them with effective inventory management. It allows complete management of inventory. 

It allows complete tracking of items based on sales. POS software is an all-in-one solution for businesses to operate systematically.

Integration Of Online Orders

Canteen POS helps the management with the online order receiving and generating its bills efficiently with the proper integration thus easing the process. The POS will receive orders directly from the online food ordering platforms and the owners or managers can manage the menu, prices, and other options as well.

The canteen will receive the customer data, ordered food, and department or room number which will be updated in the CRM to ease the process for the customers when they order online next time.

Receive Software Updates

Modern problems require constant updates and integrations. So, when a canteen implements the POS system they receive constant updates for the lifetime with their monthly subscriptions. This helps the canteens with an updated version that fulfills their complete needs and requirements.


Providing all the management tools under one umbrella, CIS ePOS helps businesses to grow efficiently by paying the minimum amount of rate for the software subscriptions. 

While many Points of Sales software are outdated, CIS ePOS brings its users the most updated version of POS to manage their canteens or businesses smoothly.

Cloud Canteen POS software comes up with many features to help you run the system efficiently. Moreover, it provides an online database that helps in operating and analyzing business from any place you want.

These are just some of the main features of CIS Canteen POS. If you want to try the POS on your own, register now for a Free POS demo.

Alternatively, contact our POS consultants for complete implementation and training.