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Affordable FBR Point Of Sale Integration For Easier Business Taxation

CISePOS offers FBR Point Of Sale Integration to all users of the POS Software. No matter which module you are subscribed to your Point Of Sale supports a possible FBR Integration. FBR Point Of Sale Integration works by segregating the tax element of all your business purchases and sales.  If you’re a registered business, Pakistani … Read more

The Best and Useful FBR POS Software in Pakistan

FBR POS Software is the newest innovation in POS in Pakistan. With CISePOS, all sales that are performed in your store are updated for an FBR record to help your business ease up tax procedures and payments.  The POS Software takes care of the responsibility for creating records for taxation, auditing the records, and calculating … Read more

Choosing The Right POS Software That Fits Your Needs the Best

Ever since the world’s businesses are moving towards more technology, the use of Point Of Sale software has increased more than ever. There is hardly any business left in a good industry that doesn’t have a POS system. In the current times, POS software have become the key for any business to succeed and grow … Read more

WooCommerce Integration into POS

There has been a massive rise in E-commerce in the previous decade across the globe. This was further magnified over the past year owing to large-scale and prolonged lockdowns amidst Covid-19. Established businesses switched to E-Commerce platforms to expand their online revenue stores given the closure of their brick and mortar stores. Similarly, new and … Read more

Top 3 Powerful POS Integrations to Your Business

POS software has become a very important asset for retailers who want to increase their sales and grow their business. Point-of-sale systems are now offering various features to address the issues retailers are currently facing in their business. One of the biggest challenges for retailers is managing and running other systems like woo-commerce with point-of-sale … Read more

Is FBR POS Integration possible?

FBR (Pakistan) has made it compulsory for all the retailers who are part of the TIER-1 category to make their existing POS integrated with the launched EDS system. FBR POS integration aims to improve the process of submitting taxes for the retailers in real-time and record all the sales transactions processed at the retailer’s shop.