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CISePOS | Best Retail Billing Software For Your Retail Store

Retail stores need software that can generate receipts and invoices for them. These receipts and invoice generation are important tasks. In the past, retail stores generated manual paper receipts for every sale to keep a record of every sale. With time, modern means started to develop to help business owners do their billing using computers and software.  

POS software is used by most retailers as their retail billing software. The retail billing software tries to automate the process of billing by just pressing the option of print receipts and all the details a user wants to give to its customer are given on the receipt. 

Every POS software provider uses different approaches to integrate their software with the retail billing modules. Here we will discuss the best POS software in Pakistan and how it becomes the best retail billing software in Pakistan. 

Features Of Retail Billing Software | CISePOS:

The retail billing software is equipped with some of the most advanced and modern tools. These tools help in formatting and modulation of the bills. The bill generation is divided into two different sections. Retail billing software like CISePOS has two different sections in its billing module, invoice, and receipt generation. Both of them are used for different types of chores. 

Receipts are for the customers and invoices and vouchers are for use within the store. Here we will discuss the features of retail billing software. 

Following are some features of retail billing software:

  • Detailed Receipts
  • Customization
  • Billing Setup 

Detailed Receipts:

The retail billing software allows users to create detailed receipts for every sale. These receipts carry all item details along with the price. Moreover, it also carries information regarding the discount, tax, or any other charges or discounts offered to the customer. 

The receipts generated by retail billing software carry the customer’s info, salesman info, date of purchase, the logo of the company, and NTN details of the customer. 


CISePOS retail billing software is highly customizable. Users can add or remove any detail as per their use and wish. Retailers can add various parameters to their receipts like tax amount along with percentage, the title of the receipt, customer CNIC number, and other such details. 

Every user can customize their receipt based on their preference. This makes it easy for them to give all the necessary info they want the customer to have. 

Billing Setup: 

Billing setup refers to the setting that CISePOS retail billing software allows the user to customize and create its receipts. Users can manage all the details on the receipt to create well-detailed and managing receipts. 

The billing setup is designed in a way to empower the user to completely manage their receipts. 

CISePOS A Complete Retail Billing Software:

CISePOS works as a complete retail billing software that offers users a detailed receipt for the customers. The billing is so detailed and easy to use that the customer gets all the details about the purchase they have made. 

It also carries all the taxes, discounts, additional charges, and other necessary details of the purchase.