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Cloud Based POS Vs Traditional POS: A Complete Comparison

Cloud-based POS Vs Traditional POS, it is such a comparison that has turned out to be mandatory when retailers decide to go for automated business operations. Legacy Point of Sales (POS) systems were the pioneers of automatic cash point technology, and it has benefitted the retailers and the people in the best way possible.

The technological advancements in recent years paved the way for a Cloud-based POS system, which is now the most abundantly used retail technology in the developed business units all around the world. Why was there a need for such innovation? Were the legacy systems not good enough? What are the advantages of using a Cloud-based POS?

All of these aspects will be discussed later in the article.

Complete Comparison:


The legacy Point of sales (POS) is mainly a desktop device that has a point of sales software in it. The most important feature of a Legacy POS system is its reliability and data accessibility. It stores data on a local server, for reviewing or verifying the data the manager or surveyor has to be present there physically.

In the current scenario, a POS system that can only serve from the location doesn’t cut the cake. For the same reason, Cloud-Based POS applications were developed to access the business’s data and services from any location possible. The better advantage of using a Cloud-Based POS software is accessibility & portability.

It can be accessed from any portable device, and only a reliable internet connection is the mandatory condition.

Data Risk:

Legacy POS systems have this feature of on-site data storage on local servers. Once the host machine gets malfunctioned, there’s a risk of losing the critical sales data retailers may use to finalize sales strategy and other critical business propositions.


The operational cost of Legacy POS systems is a bit high. The maintenance can cost the retailer a bit more than planned. Moreover, the software it contains can only be updated on-site, which is an additional labour and time-consuming process.

The Cloud-based POS solutions have an automated updating and maintenance process, and it is much cheaper and affordable than its predecessor. Another great feature of Cloud POS software is its subscription, and the retailer can alter the subscription according to his/her needs. The cost of subscription for the business can be different, and it depends upon the size, no.of shops linked together, etc.

Services Offered by CISePOS Point of Sales (POS) systems:

The services offered by the Cloud-Based POS systems are different as per applications. For example, a cloud-based application being used in a pharmaceutical business will have different modes of operations concerning what can be done in a retail business.

CISePOS offers some great Cloud-Based POS solutions to its users. Some of them are listed below:

Order Management:

Cloud-Based POS system offered by CISePOS enables businesses to work efficiently. Consider this scenario if the application is being used in a restaurant it doesn’t matter where the user makes this order, it will offer all the required features needed for placing orders online or on the counter, there will be no difference in services and features.

Online Channel For Customer Support:

One of the features that end the debate between choosing a Cloud-based POS Vs Traditional POS is effective customer support. Cloud-Based POS by CISePOS can provide essential support in keeping with customer’s queries and FAQ regarding the system.

Online support in a retail business is necessary, it helps the customers in understanding the right cause of their problem, and it leads to the possible and understandable solution of the problems.


The supreme advantage which Cloud-based POS systems have over other management software is the portability, Cloud-based applications by CISePOS can easily be downloaded and controlled from any portable/mobile device.

The only mandatory condition is the presence of a reliable internet connection, another great feature is the accessibility. As discussed earlier, the accessibility of the POS application has made the working probabilities easier for the retailers as they can conclude and decide on different business decisions just by going over the summarized details.

Convenient Payments:

Another feature that supports the choice between a Cloud-based POS Vs Traditional POS is the simplicity of payments. Cloud-based POS solutions by CISePOS offer smart payment ways for the customers. Now the customers don’t need to stand in long queues for setting up their payments.

Just one tap on the “PAY” button and off you go, the payment solutions initiative is praised a lot by the customers. It not only saves a lot of time, but it also shows productivity and smartness in business operations.

Convenient payment methods also pave the way for better customer discounts as different payment solutions provide smart discount offers to customers on different brands. Such offers can add up to better customer retention and positive customer feedback, which directly affects the growth of the business.