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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) In Restaurant POS | CISePOS

Customer relationship management is an important part of a restaurant business. It deepens the relationship between restaurants and customers and helps restaurants to grow. 

Finding a CRM module in a restaurant POS software is a difficult task. Few POS software providers offer customer relationship management in their restaurant POS software. CIS is among those POS software providers that offer a dynamic CRM module in restaurant POS software.

 CISePOS is the best restaurant POS software in Pakistan. And with the CRM feature integrated into it the usefulness of the software increases several folds.

In this article, we will discuss the CRM module in CISePOS, and the tools it offers to restaurants in Pakistan.

CRM In Restaurant POS Software | CISePOS:

CISePOS has a designated section for the customer relationship management module. The section includes different setups that allow the user to add their customers, add different areas, and add different categories of customers. 

The data entered into the section is used to generate reports that help the business in identifying their customer’s preferences and demands. All that data helps in creating a better customer experience.

Following are the sections of CRM in CISePOS.

  • List Customers
  • Add Customer
  • List Areas
  • Add Area
  • List Customer Category
  • Add Customer Category
  • Area Wise Customers 

List Customers:

List customer refers to the list of customers that restaurants have. The list of customers is used to keep a record of people who visited or ordered from the restaurant. It is also used to forward marketing messages and emails.

The restaurant also uses this information to forward new promotions, product information, and other updates about the restaurant. It helps in getting connected with customers. 

Other than that, the customers’ data help decision makers in knowing their customer’s demographics. If the restaurant knows the age and gender of its customers and other such information then it can enhance its menu and products to target those customers. 

Add Customer:

Add customer is the section where the user can add a customer. The system asks for some general information like name, age, address, contact number, and email. All the information is saved in the software. 

The system uses the information for receipt printing and marketing purposes. 

List Areas:

List area refers to the list of areas from where the customers belong to. It usually carries information about different towns and areas near the restaurant.

The system gets this information either from the customer’s data or the user can add it through the add list area section that we will discuss later. 

The area list specifies the area from which customers are visiting. The area from which the restaurant is receiving more customers will be prioritized for marketing campaigns. Other than that it also helps in deliveries and spending the branches of restaurants.

Add Area:

Add area section is used to add the areas in the system. The restaurant POS software asks for area code and area name once the user enters the detail the system saves all the details. The user can see all the areas in the report.

Moreover, the information is also used while adding new customers. It is also used in deliveries to specify the area to riders.

List Customer Category:

List customer category is the list of customer categories that carry information regarding different customer categories created by the restaurant. The specifications of the category are also specified by the restaurant as per their need. 

The category may be defined by gender, age, number of visits per month, the value of order each time, or any other specification.

This list helps restaurant owners identify their target customers. And to act by the targeted customer to increase sales and grow the business.

Add Customer Category:

Add customer category section is from where the user can add a new customer category. The software only asks for the name the user wants to add, by clicking add the new category will be created and will be visible in the customer category. 

Area Wise Customers:

Area wise customer is a report that carries information about the customers concerning different areas. This report combines two different sets of data, customers list, and areas list to give a view of which area has the most customers.

This report helps in analyzing the demographics of the customers in terms of their socioeconomic background. The analysis helps in the pricing of the restaurant. Other than that, it also helps in running marketing campaigns and helps in suggesting places to open branches to grow the business. 

CISePOS, The Best Restaurant POS Software In Pakistan:

CISePOS offers various features along with its amazing CRM module. A few POS software providers offer such amazing POS software features in one unit as CIS offers.

With such amazing and advanced features, restaurant owners can make better decisions and make their businesses grow.