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Delivery And Order Management Features In POS Software

Point of sales (POS) software is high in demand for retail and restaurant businesses. Retail and restaurant businesses are growing and evolving around the globe. Businesses are exploring new opportunities and offering a better experience to customers.

When a business explores something new they face new challenges. The retail & restaurant business is a rapidly evolving industry, every day experimenting with new ways and procedures to enhance their customer’s experience. 

In recent times, online purchases have increased several folds, making it difficult for companies to manage them.

In 2020, around 4 trillion dollars worth of goods will be sold online. And 2 billion people have used online mediums to purchase goods.

To manage this huge traffic and deliveries businesses use advanced delivery management systems. 

POS software is used by small and medium-sized enterprises for delivery management.

Features Of Delivery Management In POS Software

POS software can also manage order and delivery management. POS software can be integrated with the eCommerce website, where it can receive data about orders placed by customers. 

eCommerce websites have different plugins for order processing and payments. These plugins help POS software receive data and process the order.

This whole process is performed by different tools. Some of the noticeable features of order & delivery management of POS software include:

  • Order Placement
  • Order processing
  • Delivery execution
  • Inventory and accounts reconciliation

Order Placement

Order placement can be of different kinds. Some businesses are directly operating their websites and selling their goods. Some of them are using online marketplaces to sell their products. And some are doing both. Other than that businesses are also using social media as a medium to sell their products. 

The eCommerce website that is operated by the company is integrated with POS software. If any customer buys a product from that website that data is received by POS software. The software places the order and sends information to the relevant section of the business

Order Processing

After the order is placed. POS software initiates monitoring of the process. POS software confirms the order after checking inventory, and delivery arrangements.

Once the POS software receives all the checks, it processes the order.

Moreover, the software generates invoices having order details. These invoices will be delivered along with the order. After the order is processed the POS software informs the customer about the dispatch.  

Delivery Execution

The whole process of order and delivery management is monitored by POS software. POS software receives information about delivery and payment status.

The system will keep updating the information so that managers can see how many in transit, completed, and pending orders are aligned.

The information POS software can also send this information to customers.

Inventory And Accounts Reconciliations

After the order is delivered, POS software reconciles the inventory and accounts for the sale. Every day POS software can perform hundreds of transactions.

Other than reconciliation, POS software keeps interacting with the customer even after the order is delivered. The information recorded from the transaction, like contact information, is used for interacting with the customers.

How To Choose The Right POS Software With Order & Delivery Management Features? 

Besides having other features, POS software has an order and delivery management module. It is a difficult task to choose the perfect POS software according to business needs.

CISePOS is a featured resource to fulfill the needs of your business. CISePOS offers the most economical and advanced POS software in Pakistan. CISePOS is integrated with advanced modules including order and delivery management.