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Dynamic Accounting Reports In CISePOS

CISePOS is the most dynamic POS software in terms of accounting reports. It is featured with multiple accounting reports that include detailed financials of the business. All of these reports are very easy to navigate and generate.

CISePOS promises to bring the best user experience along with the best tools and features for its users. Among all its features the accounting module is the most useful feature that can tell your business’s insight in clicks.

8 Accounting reports in CISePOS:

  1. Customer Wise Sale Report
  2. Account Ledger
  3. Trial Balance
  4. Profit and Loss Report
  5. Balance Sheet
  6. Cheque Report
  7. Supplier Aging Report
  8. Customer Aging Report

Customer Wise Sales Report:

Customer-wise sales reports include all the sales data for the specified period of time according to customers. The user can choose the customer and the report shows the worth of total sales in that period. It also includes the payment mode, tax paid, and the discount offered by the store.

This report shows sales to different customers


Account Ledger:

The account ledger is the general accounts ledger report. The report contains different heads. Heads may include bank accounts, cash in hand, or any other head created by the retailer. All the transactions and their net effect on that head are debited and credited in the report and show the closing balance. 

This report helps you understand the current situation of your heads like bank accounts and cash in hand.  

Trial Balance:

Trial balance is a very dynamic report. It shows the trial balances of customers and suppliers. Users can select which type they want either customer or supplier. The report includes trial balances of all customers or suppliers as specified. Moreover, it also shows the opening balance, current activity in the specified period, and closing balance.

This report helps in monitoring the business activities of every single customer and supplier.

Profit and Loss Report:

As the names show PL report shows the business’s profitability. A user can set the valuation method along with the template to generate a profit and loss report. The report includes opening balance and closing balance, the tax applied for that period, and profit or loss.

This report gives a general overview of business performance and its profitability.

Balance Sheet:

The balance sheet is an important accounting document that shows the business’s entire entity in a glimpse. It shows assets, liabilities, capital, and revenue. Moreover, it classifies assets and liabilities into current and fixed assets.

The balance sheet shows how much assets and debt companies have. It also shows accounts receivable and accounts payable to assess the cash flow.

Cheque Report:

The cheque report shows cheques issued and received by the business. It shows the cheque number voucher number attached to that cheque and the amount. It also shows its net effect on the business.

A cheque report helps in keeping a record of every cheque that is used to reconcile with bank statements.

Supplier Aging Report:

Supplier aging report shows overdue payments to suppliers. This report can be generated for every single supplier separately. It includes principal value and adjustments after the due date.

Supplier aging report helps in keeping a record of every overdue payment.

Customer Aging Report:

Customer aging report shows due payments from the customers. It keeps a record of every payment that is due from customers. This report also works as account receivables from customers. It also includes updates upon these payments.

This report helps in keeping a record of all payments that are not received by the customers and are overdue.

CISePOS a one window solution for retail businesses:

CISePOS is a one-window solution for all retail businesses. In terms of accounting and report generation, CISePOS is integrated with advanced modules. All these reports that we have discussed are of the accounting module only, CISePOS have various sales and inventory reports as well.

To accommodate its customers CISePOS offers 14 days free trial to help them learn and explore the software. Get yours now.