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Dynamic Accounting Module for Your Retail Business

CISePOS is equipped with one of the most powerful yet simple accounting modules to care for your accounting needs. Manage your accounts with digital solutions of the CISePOS dynamic accounting module.

Experience The Functionality Of Accounting Integration In CISePOS

Experience the true sense of accounting efficiency using the CISePOS accounting module. Monitor your accounts, take a look at your profits, manage your cash, and generate vouchers with the CISePOS accounting module.

Generate Cash Vouchers

CISePOS accounting module helps you generate cash vouchers for your business. Cash vouchers help you monitor your cash in and cash out. Vouchers make your employees follow the SOPs of retail sales operations. 

Manage Accounting Records

Manage your accounting books using the CISePOS accounting module. Create and monitor multiple accounting heads through a general ledger. Generate accounting reports for various accounting heads.

Create & Manage New Assets

CISePOS helps you create multiple assets and accounting heads. Monitor the progress of your accounting through a centralized server.

Track Your Cost & Expenses

Monitor your expenses through the expense section in your accounting software for retail business. Get a deep insight into your operating expenses and cost through the expense and operating expense reports.

Monitor Your Growth & Profits

With the CISePOS accounting module monitor your profits and margin through the accounts section. Monitor your profitability through the accounting reports section in CISePOS.

Analyze Your Financials

CISePOS helps you analyze your financials through the reporting section of your POS software. Get detailed analytics of your financials through the financial dashboard in your retail POS software.