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3 Essential Point of Sale Equipment For Your Business

Point of sale equipment is very important to achieve maximum efficiency from the POS system. Retailers, when they start using specially designed compatible hardware with their existing point of sales system, improve the business operations and make their customers happier because of the speedy checkout experience. Different POS equipment are easily compatible with CISePOS and work seamlessly without any issues, helping the owners modernize the way of business

Choosing the correct point of sale equipment is very critical because every business needs are different, and if the required equipment is not selected, retailers cannot achieve the purpose of bringing more efficiency to the operations. This blog will discuss the three most important point-of-sale equipment, which will help retailers streamline their operation using a POS system.

Essential Point of Sale Equipment for Businesses:

CISePOS offers a wide range of point of sales equipment for its customers to help them manage their operations more efficiently. These types of equipment are easily compatible with the CISePOS system and are durable meaning they can be used long-term.

Thermal Printers

Thermal printing continues to be popular as the retailers rely on it more frequently for sales transaction receipts. Many retailers have started using thermal printers with the POS system in their businesses to print sale transaction receipts quickly making checkout faster and easier. Thermal printers are more powerful than traditional printers, but they are also more cost-effective and offer superior efficiency over traditional printers for retailers in the grocery or supermarket business. These printers are best for businesses that are providing retail services to the customers and are great for a wide variety of other functions such as labels, price tags, shipping receipts, and more.

Advantages of thermal printer

  • Thermal printers perform functions faster than traditional printers. Their printing heads are able to produce images in milliseconds. It allows quicker printing of labels, which makes the buying process seamless and the checkout process easier and convenient.
  • These printers utilize heat to create images as compared to traditional printers, where ink is used for printing on paper. Businesses can easily cut down their printing supply expenses by using thermal printers in their operations because they only need 80mm thermal paper.
  • Thermal printers have a very few components as compared to traditional printers, which makes them efficient and robust. The chances of hardware failures are relatively low, which minimizes the chances of downtime due to printer failure.

At CISePOS, we are currently offering three thermal printer models, which are being rated as the best in the industry. CLOUD THERMAL PRINTER CTP50, PRINTER THERMAL RECEIPT PRP-80250B, and 3 INCH MOBILE PORTABLE PRINTER BC-P80B2 are available for retailers at CISMART.

Handheld Reader

A handheld reader is a device that is designed to read all the important information on a product encoded through barcode lines. All the important information is easily transmitted to your POS application without wasting time entering data manually in the system. Barcode equipment is easily attachable to your existing system and compatible with CISePOS software.

Importance of Handheld Reader

There are many advantages of using a handheld reader with a POS system. It allows retailers to improve their business operations and improves customer experience by offering quick checkouts.

  • Handheld readers are a very important tool for managing inventory. It helps retailers to track stocks more efficiently as compared to manual stock tracking.
  • Handheld readers also help with faster checkout, which is very important in improving the customer experience. It eliminates the process of manually entering information about the product in the POS system at the time of checkout.
  • Information retrieval of any product through a handheld reader is very easy because the end user only has to scan the barcode.

CS1100 by CISePOS is one of the affordable handheld scanners available to retailers. The device is rated as one of the fastest and best for businesses with countertop scanning. This handheld reader is also waterproof and dustproof, making this device safe from any kind of accidental water spill.

POS System Cash Drawer

Cash drawers still remain an essential additional POS hardware and are widely used in different businesses. A cash drawer is designed with separate compartments to store multiple values of currencies, which helps the cashier to segregate the currency quickly. Cloud CCD15 is one of the best cash drawer models available at CISMART for retailers. CCD15 comes with an adjustable media slot divider which helps in separating & organizing different currencies and coins.

The drawer is designed with steel ball-bearing slides that help in easy movement during the drawer’s opening and closing. The cloud cash register minimizes the amount of counter space required. There is ample storage in a deep under-till compartment to hold coin rolls and packaged currency.

The drawer is designed with steel ball-bearing slides that help in easy movement during the drawer’s opening and closing. The cloud cash register minimizes the amount of counter space required. There is ample storage in a deep under-till compartment to hold coin rolls and packaged currency.


Additional POS hardware like handheld scanners, thermal printers, and cash drawers are essential tools for managing business operations more efficiently, making their customer shopping experience better. At CISMART, top of the line, additional POS hardware is available for the retailer to choose from according to their business needs.