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Everything You Need to Know about Retail Payment Options

Payments and transactions are the most usual aspect of a retail business, making it easier for customers with multiple payment options can play a significant role in further growth and conversion.

Retail businesses in the market focus a lot on providing simple and rapid solutions to their customers. The most essential amongst them are the payment solutions. By offering multiple retail payment solutions, retailers can have the advantage of better customer engagements and up sales than others in the market.

Let us see how different payment methods can benefit the retail business. Moreover, we’ll analyze the services offered by CISePOS in this domain.

Guidelines to Payment Methods:

1.) Cash:

Cash payments are the easiest way of making payments against business sales. Cash payments are widely accepted in all types of retail businesses. That’s why CISePOS ensures the cash payment records are properly managed and maintained for future use.

Cash Payments is one of the easiest modes of payments against the purchases, and the retail businesses widely accept it, but they need an effective mechanism to control the cash transactions and their record in retail store POS.

2.) Credit Card:

Paying through a Credit card is another payment option well-supported and accepted by most of the retail businesses. Why do people think paying through the Debit/Credit card is safe? The answer to this question is portability and safety.

These days, people prefer paying through cards because they don’t carry substantial amounts with them because of certain risks. In the CISePOS software solution, the credit card payments transaction information is easily recorded in the system. This information can easily be obtained through well-designed reporting features offered by the CIS Retail POS system.

3.) Account Receivables:

The account receivable payment option is designed to facilitate those customers who intend to pay their purchases afterward. This payment method is best suitable for retailers who acknowledge sales details through intimate invoices and drafts.

In response to these invoices, the customers have to pay the amount through any method possible in a given time frame allotted by the retailer. Retail store pos application by CISePOS offers all supported account receivables facilities to their customers to have their payments sorted concerning the invoices generated according to the purchases.

4.) Splitting:

Account splitting is the payment mode that provides a window for the customers to pay for their purchases through more than one payment method. Account splitting is a process that involves more than one payment method incorporated by an individual customer.

The payment procedures can be any method provided by the retailer. It can be direct cash payments, debit/credit card, or the amount can be a credit against the customer for later payment. CISePOS accepts all kinds of receivables through split payments.
All of these kinds of payment techniques help in building customer’s confidence, it helps the customers in need to pay for their purchases in sections so they can be facilitated by all means.


CISePOS is the flag-bearer of POS technology in Pakistan. We provide all kinds of Cloud POS solutions to our customers with adequate payment options to facilitate them through all means.

One of the better advantages of providing multiple payment procedures is to create a good customer base for your brand. If you offer good payment services to the customers where they feel at ease, they will consider you the right place to visit.

Having different payment solutions helps create clarity and a progressive approach to better retail business management and transaction. It is something that goes hand to hand and is appreciated by the people involved in this process.

Different Payment methods can be the way forward for better customer engagements, it provides convenience to people. Such alternatives can be a better sign of brand awareness and increased sales.

As a retailer, if you are planning your sales in a large proportion online, then be ready to receive all the payments through electronic credits and debit card transactions. Sales strategies should be planned concerning the type of payment methods a business can support. Consider this example of an E-Commerce store, where different payment methods are accepted gladly.

On the contrary, consider a brick and mortar setup where payments are made through cash. This scenario completely explains the working principles and the type of method accepted. To make sure the business must not suffer, choose the acceptable way out.