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Report Your Sales in Real-time with FBR POS Integration


Benefits of Integrating your POS System with the FBR

Tax payment is a critical aspect of retail and restaurant businesses with reference to tax collection, reporting, and submission and the FBR POS integration makes it easier to achieve these objectives by allowing great customer convenience and no extra hardware requirement.


Ease of Reporting Sales & Taxes:

One of the core advantages of the CISePOS point of sale software FBR integration is the seamless method of reporting sales and taxes. It allows retailers to allot different tax percentages as defined by the FBR according to the products. It also provides the feature to generate reports to analyze the data related to tax collection.


Tax Submission Verification:

Another crucial advantage of FBR POS system integration on the customer’s end is offering them the possibility to easily verify whether the amount of tax has been deposited to the FBR or not. The sales receipts generated by the CISePOS POS software have invoice numbers and unique QR codes to be verified by the customers using the Tax Asaan application by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

Credibility & FBR Approved Business:

Increase the credibility of your business by opting for CISePOS FBR POS integration. By doing so, you can register your outlet or restaurant as FBR authorized POS provider which can help create trust among the existing and prospective clients and customers.

We are approved by FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue has decided to introduce a new Electronic Device System (EDS) that will enable mass-market retailers to report their sales in real-time to manage taxation, the tier-1 retailers category, will be required to integrate their point of sale systems with FBR’s system.
CISePOS allows its clients to connect their point of sale system with the FBR’s with a simple add-on keeping it fairly optional and entirely at client’s discretion.