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Features Of Kitchen Order Tracking System (KOT) In Restaurant POS

Point of sales software is a blessing indeed that helps restaurants to boost their everyday operations. There are various features in the restaurant POS software that help restaurant owners in enhancing their operational efficiency. 

Among all other features of a restaurant POS Kitchen Order Tracking System (KOT) is a major tool that helps businesses manage their kitchen orders and their tables. 

CISePOS being the easiest POS software in Pakistan is integrated with an efficient KOT system that can manage all the kitchen and table management of your restaurant. 

KOT is an essential tool for restaurants as it is the major tool that helps in the operations of the business managers. With its easy-to-use interface and commands, any employee can simply monitor and manage its kitchen and order tracking with KOT.

In this article, we will be discussing the features and benefits of KOT in a restaurant POS. 

Features Of KOT In Restaurant POS:

Restaurant POS is an essential management solution for restaurants to run their restaurant operations without any hassle. When it comes to the features of a restaurant POS that is most used and what separates the restaurant POS from other types of POS software. 

The kitchen order tracking system (KOT) is the main attraction along with KDS (kitchen display system), as our main focus in this article is solely on the KOT so we will be discussing some noticeable features of KOT in this section. 

  • Table Side Management
  • Order Management
  • Easy To Manage For Employees 
  • Efficient Sales Management

Table Side Management:

Restaurants offer dine-in facilities to their customers as it is an essential part of their business tradition. When it comes to table management it is a hectic procedure in rush hours. With tens of customers lined up in waiting lines and many on the tables waiting for their meals, any error may cause a disaster for your business. Especially for businesses that have many waiters and tables. 

The process of table management has to be systematic and performed by a system that can store and process the data of all tables and waiters engaged. To manage this very problem of the restaurant owners, restaurant POS software has KOT integration in it that can certainly manage the tables along with the waiters engaged. 

KOT keeps the record of every table that is engaged and the waiter serving that table minimizing the chances of error and placing the same waiter for multiple tables. It also helps in keeping the record of who manages the table so that person will be accountable if any mistake is in the order of any such person. 

KOT helps in increasing the table turnaround rate and helps restaurants give better services to their customers.  

Order Management:

Order management is the most crucial part of every restaurant. Restaurants have complex business operations with three different systems that are completely dependent on others. The kitchen, counters, and tables are the three different systems running at the same time, any error in the coordination may lead to a bad reputation. 

When an order is received by the waiter from the table, or at the counter for takeaway, by a call agent for delivery, or at the counter for drive-thru the order has to be transferred to the kitchen. When the order is completed it is sent to the counters to be dispersed to dine-in, take away, deliver, or drive-thru. In this process, the counters have to be aware of the order status to entertain the client if they inquire about it. secondly, the payment receipt of these orders has to be generated from the counters. 

Order management in the KOT helps you align all the orders for takeaway, dine-in, delivery, and drive-thru so that all the orders are assigned to their concerned people. With efficient order management like KOT, restaurant businesses can flourish their business with exceptional growth through better customer service. 

Easy To Manage For Employees:

With all the above-mentioned functionalities it seems to be a quite complex and advanced tool that requires prior training to operate the KOT. In reality, it is not. KOT in CISePOS is an easy-to-use system that does not require any prior training. The whole software is designed to be user-friendly and provide maximum yield with someone operating it for the first time. 

When an employee login to the system and gets to the sell section he will see the KOT option in the bottom right of the software right before the payment option. Once the employee takes the order he simply clicks on KOT and based on the option he selects the type of order (dine-in, takeaway, delivery, drive-thru) the KOT shows the available table, waiter, and rider. Whatever option you select the order is transferred to KDS and in the order section where the user can update the status of the order from the kitchen. 

This is how easily an employee can manage its KOT in restaurant POS. 

Efficient Sales Management:

With all the features of KOT, the main purpose of the system is to bring efficiency to the sales management of the restaurant. KOT helps you track orders and maintain the sales operations aligned to manage any rush hour or holiday season. 

KOT transfers every order to the orders section where the managers can view all the orders aligned in the restaurant POS. KOT aligning all the orders reduces the chances of error and disruptions in the sales operations of the restaurant. 

KOT An Essential Tool In CISePOS Restaurant POS:

There is no doubt that KOT is an essential tool in restaurant business management. With its efficiency in order and table management, KOT has completely transformed restaurant operations into a digitalized system that can bring operational efficiency to restaurants. 

CISePOS being the best restaurant POS software in Pakistan is an essential tool that a restaurant needs to have. With KOT integration in the software, it brings more business and operational efficiency to the restaurant. Furthermore, the continuous updates in the CISePOS restaurant POS provide new and upgraded features to you that help you manage modern problems through your POS software.