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6 Reasons Retailers Are Choosing Cloud-Based POS in 2019

The fight of traditional retail management and Retail Point of Sale has existed for more than a decade and now in 2019, even the small retailers are being approached for cloud-based accountancy services. So we can say that the fight of 2019 is cloud-based pos vs. traditional pos.

What are the reasons making cloud-based POS an important concern for the retailers? Is it there offered features only? It’s a big misconception that makes it difficult for retailers to understand the importance of pos for cloud computing. Most of the retailers believe that cloud POS system only offers additional features of desktop POS which they do not need at this pointed time. In reality, these are not just additional features; instead, they can be referred to as the expected convenience and experience that your customers are demanding from you. And do not forget that you as a retail store is operating in 2019 where IT is not limited to your store’s accounts or management but it manages your before and after-sales services, promotions, and overall marketing concerns. While limitations of traditional POS makes it uncompetitive in 2019.

The reasons forcing the retailers to choose the cloud-based point of sale system includes:

  1. Connectivity

Cloud retail management software has all the features of a traditional POS and them accessible 24/7. Through a desktop based POS, you are restricted to use the features within your store premises only whereas, cloud pos system gives you the ease of storing and retrieving the data even if you are physically not present in the store.

You must be thinking that why do you need to have 24/7 access to your store operations? The reduced geographical barriers in 2019 and increased social interactions have made it important for the retailers to immediately respond to the queries of the customer. If you will not, then they will form wrong opinions based on the reviews and assumptions of others. One unanswered customer can cause you hundreds of customers to it’s better to remain connected with them 24/7. It is one of the most important reasons that have made cloud retail pos software considerable by the retailers.

  1. Security

The cloud pos system increases the security of saved data mainly by controlling the users and tracking all the changes in the store financials. Other than this, data protection is the other main reason as data is stored on the cloud with extended capacity. While the risk of hardware failure, machine theft or any other related has been obsolete by cloud retail management software.

Furthermore, the cloud-based pos system for retail store also makes it easy and convenient to share the information online rather than sharing it through a local drive. This feature will help you as a retailer in ensuring the implementation of extra layers of data security in your store. If you are a fashion store, then data regarding your unique suppliers and designs details are very private and important which should be highly protected. Whereas, this information should be stored and managed through the cloud-based POS for stores otherwise you will not be able to streamline all your operations.

  1. Versatility

In this era of globalization, a competitive retailer is required to remain updated and responsive to occurring events. In order to sustain in the market, you are required to use and modify your offerings as well as discounts instantly. So without having accessibility and control over all the related information of the store, it is difficult to become competitive in 2019. Other than this, cloud-based POS for retailers can easily integrate with other online systems enabling complete streamline of the operations. This compatibility of cloud retail pos software also promotes business growth of the store by effectively managing social networks, Google AdSense and ranking and etc.

  1. Cost Effective

POS for cloud computing is easily available on a rental basis. This means that you can use all of the standard modules by giving minimum charges every month as the fee of using the software. You can have as many users as you want while it can only be accessed with the given user ID and password. Moreover, these cloud pos systems are useful for all different sizes of the store enabling the retailers in cutting their investment and maintenance cost in half.

  1. Speed

Majority of these cloud-based POS for retailers is based on the new and updated technology making them more efficient. The slow processing of traditional POS systems and unsupportive database for integrating new online technologies directly affects their speed. But why speed is important for the retailers anyway? The slow processing of the systems keeps the customer waiting in the line. Therefore, having an effective solution does not only improve operations instead it is also important for giving an excellent time-saving experience to the customers.

  1. Accurate

Although traditional POS also provides this feature of high accuracy due to their geographical barriers, there is a chance of missing any online or manual transaction that might have occurred while not present in the store. The ease of updating store accounts on time without any geographical limitation makes cloud retail pos software more accurate comparatively. This is because you can keep real-time tracking of sales while finalizing inventory budget or proceeding any related work with accuracy. Whereas, the suppliers and other users can have real-time updates regarding the inventory that can help in reducing the manufacturing, warehousing and transportation cost as well.

Concluding this blog with an important reminder that having improved IT has become a necessity of the retailer. This is because it has become the only measure of quality and effectiveness by the customers. So even if there is nothing wrong with your traditional accountancy software still give a second thought on the cloud-based POS solution before you lose your customers. It is no wrong to say that technology incorporated with effective branding is the success mantra of global retailers.  After all technological updates can never go out of fashion.