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Friday Marketing Ideas that Will Make your Retail Store Stand Out

IIf we suppose shopping as a sport, then Black Friday is the surely an ultimate showdown. This is the high time, all retailers out there should get Black Friday marketing strategies ready and implemented at their stores without wasting a minute. Tho, in usual days, retails do face challenges to manage retail operations but on occasions, the challenges get even more.

However, there is a lot of noise out there when it comes to Black Friday marketing ideas and campaigns. Here, we have collected and listed down some ways to make your business stand apart from the pack this Black Friday.

Skip the Early Morning Madness

Rather than forcing your customers to get up and leave home for shopping when it’s still dark out, opt for inviting them to hit snooze. This will make more sense and they will be thankful to you for this amazing favor. It really doesn’t make sense to compete with big-box stores by offering early-morning deals, thus saving your special sales and promotions for later in the day – noon and later will make you earn great profits.

Tho it’s the biggest sales day, but still, you can open at your regular time rather than running your staff to be on dawn patrol. Make sure that your customers know about your sale and other promotional offers with the store opening timings ahead of time. CISePOS software will make this easy for you— through our software, you can have complete customers’ details. You can easily acquire your customers’ details and can easily send them your Black Friday marketing email.

Find Your Hook

While designing and planning Black Friday marketing campaigns, put your creative side up by thinking unique and specific offers to exciting customers.

Do consider the offer that’s better than your competitors. In case, if your store has great stock of limited-edition, handmade or local items, then focus your promotions around the stuff that you have in bulk or that is unique enough to grab shoppers’ attention. Whatever you choose to put a focus on, make sure to word it out to your customers via email or SMS.

Bundle Products Together

It’s one of the greatest Black Friday marketing ideas to bundle-up your top selling or customers’ favorite products together instead of selling them individually. In this way, people will never mind buying it because not only do gift packs make amazing presents, they can also be a superb way to upsell customers to a slightly higher price point. You can also design another discount offer that will benefit the customers who are buying three related items.

Keep Shop Open Late

As, in the start, we talked about not opening the shop early in the morning on Black Friday. Then arguably, it surely makes sense to stay open late for customers who avoid the day’s madness. This is how they can shop till late hours without dealing with the mess.

The important aspect is: when you decide to switch your store hours as one of the best Black Friday marketing strategies, make sure to keep your customers aware of this fact. You can inform them regarding the change in opening and closing hours using marketing emails, on social media, and on your website.

Go the Extra Mile

It’s always a cherry on the cake when your offer something special to buyers as part of your Black Friday marketing campaigns. This offer can be anything, you can give away a free greeting card or a free gift wrapping on every purchase above a certain amount.

While planning a special offer, you should know what would actually delight your customers and be a valuable product during this busy time of year. For instance, offering a more generous return policy, or giving out helium balloons to customers’ kids can make your customers smile. Remember, when a brand or store keep customers convenience and their satisfaction a top priority even in these busiest shopping days of the year, they will win customers loyalty for life.

Do you have any other suggestions that can help retailers to keep customers gleeful??? If yes, then don’t forget to share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below.