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Grow Your Retail Business to Success Using POS Software in Pakistan

Owning and managing businesses in Pakistan is a very hard task. The country is rich with domestic and international competition. This makes it very difficult to stay within the competition for businesses. No matter on what scale you’re working at, even multi-national companies in the country have a very hard time dealing in the busy market. On top of that, Pakistan being one of the most populated countries gives rise to massive customer bases. This may excite you for more sales, but managing many customers every day is a very complicated and hard job. All of this makes the Pakistani service industry extremely hard to accomplish within. It is almost like a ‘survival of the fittest where the winner takes it all’ situation! But don’t be scared. If the struggle is hard, the reward is much worth it. Let us introduce you to the product that will help your business grow very fast and assist you to be that winner in the market. After this read, you’ll surely understand why you NEED POS Software in Pakistan to be a successful retail owner! 

What Is Point Of Sale and How Is It Helped With a POS Software?

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A POS is an abbreviation for Point Of Sale. Point Of Sale refers to the activity of dealing with customers directly at a sale. Every business does this. A restaurant owner does this while taking orders and processing payments. A retailer does this while checking out payments and accepting different forms of payments. 

A POS Software helps the business ensure this activity is done in the most efficient and smooth way. A POS System includes a POS Software installed on a computer device that is operated by the retailer. It is mostly connected to POS hardware such as Barcode Readers that aid for a better POS System. The POS Software helps the Point Of Sale by processing sales, taking orders, processing payments, printing receipts, and much more.

Why Should Point Of Sale Matter That Much to a Retailer?

The Point Of Sale for any business is one of the most important activities that take place repeatedly. If your business doesn’t have an organized Point Of Sale system, its whole integrity is at risk. A business’s success is directly dependent on customer satisfaction. Even if you have an air-conditioned shop, massive inventory available, and efficient staff, but when the customer needs to check the items out, they are tackled with any inefficient procedure e.g. long responses, the customer will highly likely lose interest and not come back. Customers prefer efficient services more than anything. An air-conditioned shop without a good POS system is almost never preferred against a shop not very well furnished but equipped with a POS software. Here are some key aspects a retail business needs to aim for if they care about customer satisfaction, and ultimately their business’s success:

  • Short Queues
  • Discreet Payments
  • No Errors in Calculation of Amount to be paid
  • No Errors in Change to be Returned to the Customer
  • Proof of the Authenticity of the Calculation (receipt)
  • No errors in Carting (Misplacement of items picked up by customer but not checked out)
  • Verifiable Purchases (Source document e.g. receipt)
  • Customer Loyalty Programs

How CISePOS Helps?

For a business using POS Software in Pakistan, all these aims are achieved with a good POS like CISePOS. Here is how that happens:

  • Fast POS software ensures efficient processing leading to shorter queues
  • Payment options are diverse and remain secretive to protect the customer’s privacy
  • All the Arithmetic (Calculations) are done by the powerful POS in an instant, leaving no room for errors
  • Receipts/Invoices are Printed and Stored by the cloud based POS Software to maintain a record for both parties.
  • Highly customizable carts provide ease to the customer in case they want to change or delete any item(s) 
  • Receipts and Invoices generated by all POS Software in Pakistan include features like Business Information, Terms and Conditions, QR Codes, Payment Details, Signatures etc, which make them highly verifiable for any use
  • Some of the best POS Software in Pakistan, such as CISePOS, include easy options to collect customer information. This can be used for a better-personalized service to the customer later on and for customer loyalty programs

Does a POS Software in Pakistan Really Help the Business a Lot? If So, How Long Does It Take?

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A POS Software in Pakistan retail market doesn’t only help the business with checkout processing but there’s a lot more to it! A featureful POS software, like CISePOS, not only has a Sales Module that helps with checkouts, but also Inventory and Accounting Modules. Inventory Modules help the retail business significantly with efficient inventory management so that you are always informed of when to re-order, when your stock is low, and where your stock currently is at. You will never go low on stocks ever again!

Secondly, an Accounting Module is a bigger but a much better investment that can greatly help you succeed in the competition. Many retail owners don’t invest much in efficient Accounting POS systems, and you can use that to your benefit to be one of the earliest retailers who jump on the success train! Your investment in CISePOS Accounting Module helps you know your position and performance of the business at any time! Useful analytics and thorough report generation ensure extremely better decision making for your business in the long run.

When making an investment, every businessperson wants to make sure it has a good return. For the ease of your mind, if you choose to invest in a POS Software in Pakistan it is virtually certain your business significantly boosts their sales, productivity, and profitability. This doesn’t take a long time, as well. POS Software equipment can help a business notice a major boost in sales as early as the end of the first month! Modern POS Software in Pakistan helps your business with better and easier management and more profitability. This ultimately ensures your business stays highly competitive and leads in the market.

Statistics That Show POS Is the Future

According to a  Hospitality Technology’s  Software Trends Report, 61% of retailers consider getting cloud-based POS for their business! Reforming Retail’ Study says 60% of new retailers ask for cloud-based POS rather than traditional POS, and It is predicted that there would be a 50% increase in cloud-based POS adoption in 2021! According to BusinessWire, the global POS system market in 2019 was $15.64 billion and is expected to reach $29.09 billion by 2025! Additionally, according to Accenture’s report, 83% of consumers are willing to share their data to enable a personalized experience.

These quickly shifting trends show the world is moving on towards Technology in Retail. Either it be a retailer or a consumer, both now prefer their retail experience to feature a good POS System. The global shift report also includes statistics from Pakistan, which means you shouldn’t wait any more to get a POS Software in Pakistan.

Which is the Best and Affordable POS Software in Pakistan?

Hopefully, all this information has convinced you to make the right decision to buy POS Software in Pakistan. The last step now is to choose the best POS software available in Pakistan. Feel free to do your research, but to sum it up most popular POS software are either too expensive if they offer good service (OscarPOS), or aren’t nearly as featureful (TechnoSysPOS). CISePOS is the only right POS software solution that is the cheapest in the market, yet features the solution to almost every problem that a retailer tackles. With a free 14 days demo available, cheap packages starting from as low as 1,500 PKR/month, 24/7 customer support, and many more features that aid your business to be the best, make the right decision with CISePOS. Register yourself now and get the best and most affordable POS Software in Pakistan only from the best POS providers: CISePOS