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How Cloud-Based POS System Provide Ultimate Security

Providing security to something these days is a very tough ask, the technology which made our life easier and proving it’s worth day by day, has also made it unsecure in some aspects. People all over the world now realize the need for working with a smart system approach, but it always dents their idea by the threats of online security violations. The same goes for encashment situations, as well. People use their Debit/ATM cards for payments, but they lack this fashion a lot these days. It is because they fear if their information gets leaked what would be next for them.

For the sole purpose, the Cloud-Based Point of Sales system (POS) has been designed just to take care of the theft or intrusion type of things. By having this thing in your bounds, it will be quite easy to say this “your data is in safe hands.”  Just Imagine, a complete & secure transaction just between the ePOS (Electronic Point of sales) and the customer, with no one else between these two except the handler/technical person behind who also can’t see the process because whatever being recorded is encrypted, so there is a very less possibility of any kind of theft or intrusion.

In our previous blog which was about how cloud-based pos is essential for business in that we thoroughly discussed what is cloud-based POS and why it is necessary for the business to invest in the POS system which is based on cloud technology. We also highlighted the key benefits which the owner will get by implementing cloud-based POS.

Cloud-Based POS System Provides Ultimate Security:

Now here begs the question, how a Cloud-based POS may provide security to customer’s data and the money they paid as it is a Web-based functioning app by itself? The answer to this question is encryption. To the people who are listening to this word for the first time, it means whatever goes online is secured or hidden behind some encrypted/coded language, which only the software running behind the app can interpret, or we should say understand.

Cloud-Based POS systems guarantee security to all your transactions and your data, it is a common trait of retail business to not share any kind of information obtained from the customers to anybody because it goes against the authenticity of the business they do normally termed as EPOS (electronic point of sales) system generally considered as applications for financial aspects of the business but it is more than that, it offers you real-time support of other beneficial aspects of your business as well. In this article, we will try to reflect some very advantageous points of Cloud-Based POS systems and how it guarantees data security and integration.

Cloud-Based Mobility:

A Cloud-based POs system has this amazing feature of mobility along with data integration. The best possible advantage of using a Cloud-based POS system is that it can be installed on any device, even on your iPad or tablet. You can have access to all its features with just tap on your phone. It has also made the billing system easy. Suppose, you want to collect a bill from the table while running a Cloud-based POS system in a restaurant, the next thing you would do while using your smart system approach you will send a non-editable copy of your bill to the customer sitting on that table.

Now here is a question of how will you reach that person? Here again, you have to give credit to your Cloud-Based POS system, which has already integrated the data of that person the moment he signed in to your free Wi-Fi service available. You may send a copy of that bill to him via any messaging service available. Now let’s talk about the security thing, how can the transaction be successful, can this also be taken away? The answer is no because whatever payment took place was between the user and the retailer through a dedicated and trusted network.

Minimum Downtime:

Cloud-Based POS system is very efficient; the downtime they require for the up-gradation is also very minimum as compared to what other POS systems require. If we can say it requires no time to update, then it would be proper. The system is always connected to the cloud, so it may get updates upon runtime, which automatically updates the on-going processes without any hassle.

the Cloud-Based POS offers multiple other solutions regarding the upgradations downtime, for instance, you have Cloud-based POS application installed on your portable device, and there is a possibility that it would affect the ongoing process, you may arrange the up-gradation in the non-working hours,i.e. after the active hours and due to its second to none updated features it would do the stuff in no time with minimum possible downtime.

Intrusion Alerts:

Cloud-based POS systems are very secure with respect to theft and intrusion alerts are concerned, it is quite understandable to the masses that while an online payment is being made you got to enter your secret account no, which asks you certain information for security check like phone no. , Security key, etc. and if it slightly went wrong it generates an intrusion alert during the transaction/payment process, which halts the functionality, and it will send you an update with a message of intrusion just made upon your account.

This Feature is normally installed in all the cloud-based applications, but in Cloud-based POS systems, they are bound for mandatory check-ups. It has been made mandatory to add an extra layer of security and with this practice to make things go for one more step more for a complete understanding of your customer’s willingness to use the services in accordance with their wishes.

Easy Setup with Low-Cost & Updated Security:

Cloud-Based POS Systems Setup cost is nearly 0. The reason why I used this term “0” is because it doesn’t require any sort of subscription fee for setting up on different devices, the only thing you need in this regard is to have the authentication/credentials to sign in for the POS, just after entering the required authentication it’s up to the type of device that how long will it take to set up. Make sure to select the additional settings you want to be configured with your POS so that you may not suffer in the longer run.

Normally what happens is when you intend to buy or subscribe for a Cloud-based POS System. It used to allow the user to examine the system with a free 7/10 days trial. Once you’re with the performance you may go for the subscription or purchase. One thing that should be mentioned here is that The Cloud-Based POS system is a Web-Based application/software which enables its own firewall when connected to your system, make sure you allow all the privileges to it so your data may get secured or we should say intrusion free.

Domain-Focused Apps with More Space for Expansion:

Cloud-Based POS systems are being designed and integrated in accordance with the priorities of the applicants. For example, the EPOS designed for a restaurant specifically will be a bit different from one designed for a complete retail business, which has extended firewall settings because the cash flow in a retail business is surely doubled to what we see in restaurants and franchise-based businesses. Just by saying this it doesn’t merely mean the whole conversation may go for a toss. There can be differences in the formation, but all the Cloud-based POS systems are somehow the same insecurity.

One thing that should be mentioned here is the additional features sync. The Cloud-based Fraternity has enabled the feature of online sync with many web-based financial applications in order to fulfill the need for real-time reporting and monitoring of services. These sideways plug-ins are easily configurable, and the integration process requires just one single sign-on with the permission of editing features with the accordance of needs.

Run-time Updates with Powerful Back-up:

The feature of excellent portability has made the Cloud-Based POS System more agile and easy to use. With its all-time web feature available, the run-time updates and reporting stuff has made this thing the top trend in the Retail market.

For instance, you are dealing with clients from both local and international markets simultaneously and crunching numbers instantly, your POS will be syncing data as there is any update. The powerful feature of run-time updates also allows you to look after the inventory backups, upcoming offers, and sorting stuff.

The Cloud-based apps always favor guaranteed back-up solutions. Why this thing is so easy while having everything online? The answer is in your question, “having everything online.” as it is being operated through the web it is always very easy for the handler/technical person to monitor & to analyze the already backed-up data whenever a session or day ends & the back-up takes place when you give it a pause, by saying this I mean when you stop for a little bit the Cloud-based POS System start backing up the configuration and processes you were in just before you stopped.

Throughout the process, the Cloud-Based POS system guarantees the security of the data being backed-up. The security feature of the Cloud-Based POS system is its USP, which makes it the most wanted feature to be used in every type of business.

Cloud-Based POS Systems & Security Situation in Pakistan:

Pakistan has been one of the fastest-growing IT industry of Asia, has also stepped foot in the designing and manufacturing of the Cloud-Based POS systems. Not a huge but a very concurrent market of Cloud-Based POS systems is developing very fast in this country. The business fraternity is also taking great interest in buying and subscribing to this form of financial utility, although many business owners are still attached to the Legacy POS systems with the mindset of going online going to affect the way they operate.

The reason why people haven’t completely shifted towards the Cloud-Based POS systems in Pakistan because here it is a common practice of hand-to-hand cash services so the legacy POS systems are in high-demands these days although if you could go some years back the primitive way of cashbook and hand-written accounts systems were followed by people & it is still active in many remote areas of Pakistan. People here do believe the handwritten work is authentic & reliable as well, but if you observe closely, it is something that can be easily tempered or changed without any type of restrictions.

Another big reason why Cloud-based POS system will take time to become a flourishing industry here is the trust on Web-based devices, as the EPOS used to operate worldwide through easy channels & the whole setups are governed by online rules and regulations, people always feel unsafe because the ghost of internet hackers and intruders haunts them, they always feel if their credited details went on to the web it might be used against them or their details may give someone advantage over them which is not true obviously because the cloud on which the data is being synced is secured and the information synced on it is always encrypted.


Cloud-Based POS systems are in great demand in the international market because of their impressive features of online security and upgrades. A great step has been taken by the developers in order to increase the security and reliability of the systems it is installed by creating in-app purchasing facility and long-term subscription modules in order to facilitate the user as much as they can. Comprehensive research was done by transparency international about the facilitation trends being followed in the international business community in the last decade.

The results proved the significance of Cloud-Based POS systems and its trusted security protocols by indicating a rise in sales and purchases of these systems to nearly 310% with the subscription ratios mounting figures of 3.75 billion $, these figures are only from the North-America, Canada  South-East America & European regions because the Cloud-Based POS systems are mostly used their with an activity ratio between the customers and one handler is 120:1 which means one Cloud-Based POS system is catering a crowd of more than 100 people. The number-crunching so much truly explains the significance of Cloud-Based POS systems in the present retail business industry.