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How to Build a Better Retail Customer Base Using Point Of Sale System

Every business that wants to expand its sales and increase profitability knows that keeping the customers happy is the key. All businesses are directly dependent on their customers. It is a simple rule where if the customers aren’t satisfied by your product, no matter how good of a business you create, you’ll be driven out of the market. That is why it is important for any business that wants to be impactful in a market and be a leading business to take care of its customers in the best and most welcoming way possible. Here is how your point of sale system can help you with that significantly.

How Shopping Environment Matters in Retail?

checkouts using pos


The best strategy to retain or create a good amount of sales operating a retail store is to focus on making the shopping experience better. The locality of your store, friendly staff, ease of access, and all the other aspects of making a store better are focused directly to satisfy customers. However, the best of stores can ignore and lack a good check out system. The service you provide to a customer doesn’t end till they fill their cart up, but till they exit from your store. A friendly service to help pick up items of their need can all be spoiled if they have to wait a long time to check it out. This is why a Point Of Sale System can greatly help your business with customer loyalty

As a retail business, you can’t afford to lose customers and rely on new ones. The existing customers are the primary needs. You want a customer to rely on your store for monthly groceries and any other miscellaneous items they need. You also want your customer to recommend your store to friends and family. A typically good service isn’t good enough to achieve that. What a business needs to lead in the area of satisfying customers is efficiency, innovation, and accuracy.

How to Create a Better Retail Environment With Point Of Sale System?

With a Point Of Sale System, you can help your customers in many areas. The best area that provides good feedback is faster checkouts assisted through a web based POS system, as no customer wants to wait in big queues. Even big stores, such as Imtiaz, suffer great losses of potential customers just because they are known to have large queues. Note that, even a big superstore giving out discounted items and prime services is still not recommended by customers to other people just because they lack a good checkout system. A Point Of Sale System is the cheapest investment you can make to turn around the environment at your checkouts. This means customers will be treated quickly and accurately as their cart will be synced effectively through POS Hardware like a barcode reader. 

Moreover, no calculation mistakes can be in the margin as upon every sale, a good POS system helps the cashier know how much cash is needed and what change to give back (if any). The customer is also printed a receipt on every sale so that they feel trusted. A receipt helps customers know what they were charged for, any terms and conditions of the store, for verification purposes, and a receipt in a wallet can indirectly help with marketing. Remember, a major superstore, Naheed Supermarket, almost entirely marketed over their shopping bags! All of this will ensure your customer has everything they need to come back, and are faced with no margin of errors, as efficiently as possible. 

Loyalty Programs to Boost Sales

customer loyalty with point of sale system

A brand loyalty program implemented in a store can really change its dynamics. A good loyalty program almost certainly ensures a boost in sales. This also helps with customer satisfaction as it involves customer profiling which can help customers feel better purchasing from your store. 

Loyalty programs are statistically supported for many years to have a great impact on sales. A study suggests that when a loyalty program is imposed 10% of all customers spend over three times more, and the top 1% spend up to five times more! Another survey stated that 69% of customers do not commit to a store that doesn’t offer loyalty programs. All of this shows loyalty programs are a need but how does a point of sale system enable loyalty programs? 

Whenever the customer is at checkout finalizing their sale, a point of sale system can enable an operator to easily ask the customer for their details and add it into the system’s record. At the checkout screen in the POS software, by clicking on the option of Add Customer, you can fill in their details that give you the data to start and manage a loyalty program. This data can also be helped for various other marketing purposes, for example when you have numbers of hundreds of customers, you can make use of an SMS Marketing campaign and invite your customers with discounts and coupons to be more loyal and favorable to your store. 

adding customer in a pos software
How to add a customer in CISePOS

A Point Of Sale System also has the option of viewing all the customers you have added. By heading on towards List Customers, you can know how much a customer has spent and make use of the trends and figures for better decision making as well.

The Best Point Of Sale System Providers

Hopefully, you’ve made the good decision of getting a point of sale and imposing many new strategies to boost your sale and enjoy better profits. Order the best point of sale system and delight your business to be as busy as ever. What makes CISePOS the best is the additional features it offers, cheaper than any POS provider in Pakistan. In addition to a simple Sales Module that most popular POS vendors offer, with the right point of sale system of ours your retail business can also additionally feature Inventory Module and Accounting Module. 

To sum it up, the Inventory Module integrated Point of sale system will help your business never run out of inventory by providing you full control of it, including adding reorder levels, managing suppliers. Stock in hand report etc. Inventory management is also a key aspect of achieving better sales

An Accounting Module, on the other hand, provides you full control of each and every rupee present in your business. This can help you make better financial decisions and achieve profitability and productivity higher than ever before!