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How To Connect CISePOS Web Based Cloud POS To Multiple Stores

Web Based Cloud POS is a need for retail businesses in this day and age. Without a proper digital solution, new and existing retailers can not meet up the ever-growing demand of the market and customers.

The Retail Environment in Pakistan

better retail environment with POS

Without a good POS, businesses fall short in being an efficient business. With many aspects to deal in managing a store, operating the business physical means the business is always at risk of error and the processes aren’t as smooth and fast as they would be with a modern POS.

This brings the need for Web Based Cloud POS for retail businesses as the ultimate key to success. 

However, success is almost always followed by expansion. A good business that achieves its goals always looks forward to expanding. 

This expansion is first done on a smaller scale with, for example, increasing the floor space of a store by renting out more premise space, but gradually it always moves towards horizontal expansions. This refers to either taking over a similar business of the industry, or, which is a more popular way of expansion, opening a new branch.

A new branch brings more market to the business and provides a more profitable opportunity for the business to succeed. 

However, it is Business 101 to know expansion brings challenging management to owners. Now you need to manage two separate branches, in two different locations, dealing with different environments, where the shop’s structure and operations may be different to one another. 

In a practical example of a retail business in Pakistan, this scenario would include many more branches, covering areas entirely different to each other.

Fortunately, for the benefit of retailers stuck with these challenges, CISePOS brings the ultimate Web Based Cloud POS solution that enables smoothness and efficiency to owners managing multiple stores.

Top 3 Benefits of Web Based Cloud POS  to Multiple Stores

manage multiple stores easily with web based cloud pos

There are multiple ways how Web Based Cloud POS can smooth out management and operations for businesses with many branches. The following are the most popular and user-loved benefits of using CISePOS Web Based Cloud POS to manage multiple stores:

Integration To A Single Web Based Cloud POS Database

With CISePOS, businesses can assign unlimited branches to a single Web Based Cloud POS. 

A business, with however many branches it has, will be directly related to a single POS software that owners can use for easy management. 

This Web Based Cloud POS runs on a browser, which refers to a unique URL link for the business. This link will direct the user to their respective POS which will contain data of all branches under their name.

This enables owners to remotely access the Web Based Cloud POS database and always be acknowledged of what’s going on in their entire business. The most useful information, like Total Sales, Profitability, Revenues, will be shown on the dashboard in a total figure, summing up all branches. This could also be alternatively divided between branches.

Branch Wise Web Based POS

For smoother branch wise use, the Web Based Cloud POS system also allows each branch to only be shown their branch details.

The manager of, for example, a branch in Defence will only need data for their respective branch. If that manager were to use the Database of the whole business, operations will not be able to be managed efficiently. This will also bring a privacy concern for data accessibility,

To tackle this problem, CISePOS enables owners to create users. These users can be assigned their respective branches. Once a user logs in, they will only be showed details that they need and can make use of. In this example, this will refer to the Defence Branch Manager shown only details of the Defence Branch Store.

POS Inventory Management Between Branches – Never Run Out Of Stock

pos inventory management
With multiple branches under a single name, the inventories of these branches should be similar. For example, all Dunkin Donuts branches in Pakistan will feature the same menu in all branches. 

However, these branches may face different customer turnover and can lead to shortages. This is a very common problem for businesses in Pakistan, where the customer may demand something that was just run out of stock. 

Running out of stock in a brach means a sale is lost. This prevents revenue and can create a negative brand image.

With a Web Based Cloud POS, any branch user can access inventories of a different branch and can make use of that to make a sale. This could be best explained with an example.

For example, a customer goes to Dunkin Donuts – Gulshan and orders a dozen Boston Cream Donuts. Unfortunately, the branch just had a rush-hour and now only has 2 Boston Cream Donuts available. Only dealing these 2 to the customer is a risk to the business’ image.

The user here can make use of Web Based Cloud POS. With Web Based Cloud POS, the user can check if other branches have a dozen Boston Cream Donuts available. Fortunately, the Bahadurabad Branch has them in stock. 

Now, the user can refer the customer to this branch, offer the customer delivery through this branch, or request the doughnuts to this branch. Either way, the sale will be made and the customer will be left satisfied.

Useful Reporting and Decision Making – Web Based Cloud POS

One of the most useful features of a modern POS, like CISePOS, is its reporting modules. For a business with multiple branches, owners can easily view the progress and performance of their branches through this in a user-friendly format.

Reports can be generated for the whole business, or branch wise. This means the owners can understand how the overall progress of the business is running, and how each branch is operating. This also enables owners to understand Branch Managers’ performance.

This categorized reporting can help the business make efficient business decision making, which ensures each branch runs in the most profitable and productive way.

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