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How To Convert PC, Laptop, Or Android Tab Into A Smart POS Device?

Are you in need of a POS system for your retail or restaurant business? And confused between vendors and the type of POS software that suits your business needs. Well, what if we told you that you can transform your PC, laptop, or your android tab into a smart POS device. 

Yes, you surely can. In this guide, we will tell you how to convert your PC, Laptop, or your Android Tab into a smart POS device. 

With the help of this guide, you can save your money and time on useless promotional offers and paid trials. So let’s begin. 

3 Easy Steps To Convert Your PC/Laptop/Android Tab Into A POS Device:

The main mantra that changes your devices to a POS device is web-based software that has the cloud POS software on it. This amazing software provides all advanced POS integrations and modules through a cloud server that stores all your business data in the cloud database and provides you with all POS tools through the internet. 

This amazing software is none other than the best cloud POS software in Pakistan CISePOS. CISePOS helps you convert your PC, laptop, and your android tab into a POS device with the help of its cloud software and android application.

Follow the three following steps to convert your devices into a smart POS device:

  • Subscribe To CISePOS Monthly Plan Of Your Choice
  • Enter The Necessary Data 
  • Configure Necessary Hardware

Subscribe To CISePOS Monthly Plan Of Your Choice:

To use the services of CISePOS cloud software you have to first purchase its subscription plans. CISePOS offers three different types of plans each of which has different integrations and modules. Monthly plans of CISePOS are highly affordable and worth the value you will get in return. 

If you did not want to pay for the software before using it first then you can register for a 14 day free trial period that allows you to test the software with real-time functional features. Once you are satisfied with your needs from the retail software you can now pay for the plan and get fully functional POS software enabled with every tool that you have paid for. 

During the whole testing and decision-making process, the CISePOS support team will consult you for the best features that you can have. 

Enter The Necessary Data:

Once you have the credentials and you have paid for your licensed CISePOS you can proceed to use the software. The system needs data to be used to process sales and work along with the business operations. For that, you need to upload the inventory, accounts, users, product categories, vendors, customers, and other such types of data to the software. 

CISePOS allocates all the data to their respective modules. For example, every product category will fetch the data of its inventory and create barcodes and item codes to identify the products. All the items will be displayed in the sales section to help employees process the sales. 

The data will then automate and directly reconcile all the changes and modulations in the software. You won’t need a separate database to store the data because the CISePOS cloud database will store all your data and you access it remotely by accessing your POS software using your credentials. 

Configure Necessary Hardware:

Once you have entered all the data into the software now you are all good to go with your POS operations. You will need some additional hardware to fasten your sales process. Although this hardware is not necessary for POS operations it is recommended to enhance your POS experience and your customer experience. 

You can have 

  • Barcode Scanner 
  • Receipt Printer
  • Cash Register
  • Bank Card Reader 

These hardware devices will help you operate your POS software effectively. They all can be easily connected to your PC, laptop, or your android tab. All of this hardware enhances the speed of your sales counter checkout and provides additional service to the customers. 

CISePOS | The Easiest POS Software In Pakistan:

With these three simple steps, you can convert your daily use devices into smart POS software. This shows that CISePOS is the easiest POS software in Pakistan with advanced integrations and multiple uses. 

You can easily use this amazing software without any advanced training and learning activities. The modules and subscription plan CISePOS offers are designed with keeping the needs of various businesses into consideration. 

Business management professionals and software developers will guide you about the best yield you can have from the retail software and the best plan that suits your business needs. The support team of CISePOS will help you understand how the features of CISePOS works and help you get the best hardware for your retail store.