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How To Create and Print POS Barcodes

Creating and Printing POS Barcodes is done through a POS system. The process is very simple with modern POS software. Printing POS barcodes enable cash counter operators to smoothly process items to sell with a barcode scanner. 

Barcode Scanner is one of the most important POS hardware pieces for creating an efficient point of sale system.

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What is POS Barcode?

POS barcode is an identification code assigned to each item. 

Barcodes work by having a unique combination of black and white numbered lines, each with different weightings. A typical POS barcode looks like this:

barcode retail business

A unique barcode is attached to each item in a store. 

For a grocery store, the retail POS system will generate barcodes for all the items e.g. flour, sugar, cookies etc. 

Once POS Barcode is assigned, the barcodes will be printed as stickers. These stickers will contain the unique barcode image and details of the item they relate to.

These stickers are then pasted on the relevant item.

Why Is Barcoding Used With POS Software?

The main purpose of using a Point Of Sale software is to make sale proceedings fast and efficient. With POS Barcodes, queues on counters are minimized as hundreds of items are processed within a couple of minutes.

The second main reason POS software are used is to keep inventory in check.

Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of managing a store. With POS Barcode, when an item is scanned for a sale, the POS software automatically records the item out of the inventory.

Whenever a user needs to see how much stock is available at the moment for an item, they can easily scan the item through the POS barcode scanner and the inventory module should display the accurate figure of how much inventory is available.

How do POS Barcodes Work?

pos barcode scanning

This is all done through POS Barcodes. The attached barcode on the item helps cashiers process each item by merely displaying the barcode to the POS barcode scanner. 

POS Barcode scanners are extremely fast and can identify barcodes within a fraction of a second.

The process is repeated for all items. 

With each barcode scan, the POS software creates a cart for the customer, adding the scanned items in the cart to generate a receipt.

Creating POS Barcode Through CISePOS – The Best POS in Pakistan

Barcodes are created in CISePOS when items are added to the store’s item list.

There are 2 ways to add an item(s). The first way is manually through the POS and the second way is through an excel sheet. If you need help, check out this step by step guide on how to add items through Excel or how to add items manually.

POS Barcode when Adding Items Manually

When manually adding an item in the Cloud POS, the first requirement is to select a Barcode for the Item. 

The Barcode area is prefilled and is updated chronologically with each item. You can choose to enter a different number as well. 

POS Barcodes in Excel Sheet

When adding items through an Excel sheet, the sample sheet clearly shows the first column of the sheet should contain barcodes for each item.

Again, these barcodes are generated in an ascending chronological order which you can change, if needed.

Printing Barcodes To Use With A POS Barcode Scanner

The next step when your POS Barcode database is completed in the POS is to print these barcodes out in a sticker format to attach to items. 

To do this, head on to List Items.

how to add barcode in pos

Here you will see all the items in your store. 

Printing POS Barcode For A Single Item

If you want to print the POS Barcode for a single item, scroll on to the item and press the option of Print Barcode next to the item.

print barcode

On the page now shown, you will have to select details for the print. 

print barcode pos

You can select how many barcodes you want to print, their label type, format, and the details on the barcode, while also having the option to choose how big each detail should appear

Once everything is selected as per need, you can press update to save the settings.

To view how the POS Barcode will look like, press Show.

show barcode before printing

Once everything seems alright, press Print

Printing Barcodes For Multiple Items

To print multiple barcodes for multiple items, from the List Items page press Print Multiple Barcodes.

print multiple barcodes at the same time

Update the details for the POS Barcode to be printed and scroll below to choose the items you want barcodes to be printed for and their quantity.

printing multiple barcodes through pos

Click on Add More.

Now click on the Search Button and Add Item for which you want to print.

Select the Quantity.

Repeat the process for each item you want a POS Barcode for.

Once done, press Generate Barcodes.