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How To Run A Salon With CIS Salon POS

If you’re running a salon, you must have realized by now that it is a very hectic job.

Dealing with various customers every day, each requiring a specifically tailored treatment. Hiring multiple employees and managing their shifts. Allocating wages based on commissions. Striving to succeed in the already overflowing competition in the market.

It can be a lot…

Though, lucky for you, CIS Salon POS makes it all too easy.

Really, all the hectic work that required your manual efforts can be supervised or automated with the help of good POS software.

Don’t believe it? Try our Free Online POS Demo and try it yourself.

Or read below to learn more about what CIS Salon POS can do for you.

Dealing With Customer Orders Now Easier Than Ever!

A salon typically deals with at least 10 customers a day while their orders may vary in different ranges.

Running a salon, you can expect almost anything, from a bridal do over to just a routine facial.

Still, processing a complete order can be difficult and require paperwork as salon treatments usually involve add ons and custom services.

With CIS Salon POS, as customized as an order can be, all it needs is just a few clicks to get an accurate receipt out.

Our Salon Point Of Sale is made specifically for salon owners, which means it is designed in a way to help you make the best out of it.

Modifier Groups can be added to the menu of items you feature which helps process orders with addons, while multiple orders on the same person can be processed in just a couple of clicks on the menu.

This way, you can focus better on providing your customers with a service that enhances them to the extent that they never forget and leave the calculation and order worries to your Salon POS.

Know Your Customers With Salon POS Customer Profiling

customer profiling

Salons that offer a friendly personal service are always preferred by customers.

As salon sessions can last a long while, customers tend to engage in conversations to engage in a fun time. 

While this can be easy for the customer, it is hard to keep track of all the customers for a big salon. 

This is why CIS Salon POS offers the amazing option of creating a customer database for CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

This database can be created at any time when you need to fill in the basic details of a customer. The customer is then saved into the POS system for future references.

Additionally, different customers can also be attached to different discount codes or coupons. Simultaneously, credit payments between these customers can also be viewed and tracked.

Employee Efficiency POS Reports

employee reports

At the end of the day, a Salon manager requires their employees’ efficiency report for mainly two reasons.

These are: First, to know which employees are doing the work while others may be slacking. Second, to generate wages based on commissions.

No salon manager can always be on the premises to keep an eye on their employees. But for businesses like salons, it is important to know details about what employees did in a day.

This is commonly targeted at how many treatments each employee conducted.

This is the same basis commissions are charged on.

Salon employees generally have a fixed rate of wage + commission on the services they provide. This means to calculate a wage accurately, authentic data of each order dealt by an employee needs to be recorded.

WIth CIS Salon POS, salon managers can easily generate daily, weekly, or monthly employee efficiency POS reports 

This helps in having complete control over your salon, knowing what orders were serviced by which of your employees.

At the end of the week or month, commissions can also easily be calculated

Salon POS Service Recipes and Inventory Management

salon inventory

A typical salon deals with hundreds of products as ingredients to their services. 

These products may be included in service only in a small amount, but proper control over their usage is vital to ensure minimal wastage and proper inventory management in the salon.

With the help of Salon POS, Salon managers can assign recipes to the services they provide.

For example, a salon offering a Skin Facial may offer to apply various skincare products to the customer. This Skin Facial item of the menu can have its own recipe where it clearly identifies which products are to be used in what quantities.

This helps in inventory management of creams, locations, etc. 

Additionally, to aid in the purchasing process, CIS Salon Point Of Sale helps generate important documents such as purchase orders, GRNs, Branch Transfers, and more. 

The inventory module also features various inventory-related reports that help with better decisions making such as a physical stock report.

These are just the basic highlights of how CIS Salon POS offers to a salon manager what no other point of sale can. And, evidently, helps the salon run more efficiently and smoother than ever.

CIS Salon POS starts at the price of just PKR 1500/month. Get a POS price quote right now!

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