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Industries Using POS Software In Pakistan

Point of sale (POS) software is the need of modern-day businesses. In Pakistan, businesses started to use POS software to accommodate their business operation with a management system that can automate their sales with modern tech.

POS software is one of those systems that has always been used as a tool in mechanizing traditional sales systems with modern day sales tech and tools.

In Pakistan, most of the industries that deal in sales use POS software. The government of Pakistan passed various laws that direct the Federal board of revenue (FBR) to make businesses use such solutions that help the government regulate them.

In this article, we will discuss different industries that use POS software in Pakistan.

Businesses Using POS Software In Pakistan: 

Following are major industries that use POS software in Pakistan:

  • Retail businesses
  • Restaurant businesses 

Retail Businesses:

The retail industry is a huge industry that incorporates hundreds of different business categories. In general, we can assume that the retail industry includes businesses that sell items or services to general consumers. Following are some types of retail businesses operating in Pakistan.

  • Department Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Discount Stores
  • Hypermarkets or Super Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • E-Commerce Stores
  • Brand outlets

These retail businesses use POS software to bring productivity and efficiency to their businesses. 

Department Stores:

Department stores refer to stores that offer a range of products. The store is divided among different sections, each section carries almost all brands and types of that good. Department store POS software keeps a record of inventory along with its SP and CP. 

All the sales performed are recorded through the POS software with reconciliation to inventory. The POS software generates reports that help in accounting and determining the financials of the store.

If departmental stores perform all these procedures manually it will cost them time and money without the required efficiency.


Pharmacies are among the beneficiaries of POS software in Pakistan. Pharmacies are commonly known as medical stores in Pakistan. With local and international products it is very difficult to manage pharmacies. 

That is why pharmacy owners started to use POS software in Pakistan. To accommodate the need of pharmacies POS software developers created specialized POS software that is designed for various features like inventory management, product categorization, and others.


Supermarkets are among the most rapidly spreading retail businesses across Pakistan.  Different products with hundreds of different brands with hundreds of customers daily. To manage such complex business operations they need something efficient and fast to process. 

POS software is the only solution that helped supermart in managing its business operations. POS software integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) helped supermarts in accommodating their customers with the enhanced customer experience every time they visited the place.

Convenience Stores:

Convenience stores are small retail stores located around the localities of Pakistan. These retail stores need POS software to fasten their operations. POS software developers created specialized software for small businesses with small budgets.

These POS software increased the efficiency of small businesses and unlocked their potential to excel in their operations and profitability to grow.

Discount Stores:

Discount stores are like other retail businesses, but they offer goods at discounted prices lower than actual prices retailed in the market. Discount stores demand POS software like other retail stores. Their business is slightly more complicated than other stores because of discounts and other factors.

To manage sales operations discount stores need POS software. POS software helps them in keeping a record of their inventories and managing their accounting books.

Hypermarkets or Super Stores:

Hypermarkets are retail stores that combine department stores and grocery supermarkets. They provide both features together to offer various products. Hypermarkets have a variety of product ranges that they have to manage. 

Hypermarkets or superstores are one window solution to customers. They experience lines of customers rushing to their stores. To manage such huge inventory and customers they need an automated system to operate their sales operations. 

That is the reason hypermarkets used POS software as their tool to enhance their efficiency in sales.

Grocery Stores:

Grocery stores are the most common form of retail stores across Pakistan. Grocery stores use different sales operations systems, but with the change in demand for new systems, they started using POS software.

POS software helped them manage their operations and inventory. It also helped them provide an enhanced customer experience.

E-Commerce Stores:

E-commerce stores are booming nowadays. More and more businesses are opening their E-commerce stores. E-commerce stores run over the clock without any break, that is the reason they need continuous support to do sales operations.

It is near too impossible to do these things manually. That is the reason they need POS software that connects with the eCommerce website to keep a record of every sale and manage the inventory.

POS software helped businesses with Omnichannel approaches to simultaneously operate their on-premises and online stores.

Brand Outlets:

Brand outlets are the retail stores operated by the brand itself. Brand stores deal in all product categories offered by the brand. Brand stores use POS software to centralize their sales operations and monitor their sales along with accounting calculations.

It also helps in providing an enhanced customer experience to the customers and increases the brand image.

Restaurant Businesses: 

The restaurant industry is the second largest user of POS software in Pakistan. Restaurant businesses need software that can help them in managing their restaurant. For example, the most popular POS software like CISePOS offers:

  • Tableside management
  • Menu management
  • Real-time reporting & analytics
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Systematic Accounting Module

Hotels, restaurants, cafes, and clubs are the types of places where POS software is mostly used. Besides the benefits from its features, POS software helps restaurant businesses in providing a better experience to the customers. 

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