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Inventory Reports In CISePOS

Inventory management is a key role point of sales software. CISePOS being the best POS software in Pakistan offers advanced inventory management along with inventory reports. These reports are very dynamic and are designed to give users insight into their business. Each report carries a unique specification in terms of parameters.

In this article, we will discuss fifteen inventory reports generated by CISePOS.

15 Inventory Reports In CISePOS:

  1. Physical Stock Report
  2. Physical Stock Audit Report
  3. Get Unused Stock
  4. Gross Profit Report
  5. Item Costing Report
  6. Size Wise Stock Report
  7. Stock In Hand Report
  8. Stock Ledger
  9. Item Trial Balance Valuation Report
  10. Item Trial Balance Report
  11. Item Trial Balance Branch Wise Report
  12. Item Trial Balance Summary Report
  13. Daily Inventory Reconciliation Report
  14. Expiry Report
  15. Transfer Summary Report
  16. Transfer Summary Report Branch Wise
  17. Stock Report All Branches
  18. Item Wise Sales Analysis

Physical Stock Report:

The physical stock report shows the details of physical stocks available at the store. It contains the details of every product, it’s quality available, cost price, selling price, expiry date, and name of the supplier.

This report helps in showing the stock position available. 

Physical Stock Audit Report:

The physical stock audit report contains the data regarding the net level of stocks. The physical stock audit report contains physical stock levels adjusted with every possible adjustment, which includes wastage, loss, and others.

Get Unused Stock:

Get unused stock report contains information about the stock that cannot be used. It can be either sales return or damaged stock in the warehouse. 

Gross Profit Report:

The gross profit report contains information about the gross profits earned by the business. The report has two different segregations. Users can use an item or category as a parameter to filter the data into a more specific report.

Item Costing Report:

An item costing report contains information regarding the costing of an item. It includes the cost of every overhead. In the case of restaurants, this report has the data of the cost of every single item used in the recipe to make that item.

Stock In Hand Report:

The stock in hand report contains data of stock businesses have in their hands. This report adjusts any sales or wastage and shows the stock available in hands. 

Stock Ledger:

The stock ledger report contains the ledger of every stock item. It shows the opening of every item, adjustment for the specified period of the item, and the net value the business has in hand. 

Item Trial Balance Valuation Report:

Item trial balance valuation report is a very dynamic report that contains different data about the items. The information includes quantity purchases, cost of purchase, items returned, items transferred to other branches, sales, sales return, wastage, and consumed items. All of this information can be seen in this report. It gives users deep insight into every item.  

Item Trial Balance Report:

Item trial balance report shows the information about items purchased, items sold, and their net valuation. This report gives an insight into item valuation. 

Item Trial Balance Branch Wise Report:

Item trial balance branch wise report shows the trial balance report for specific branches specified in the report generation section.

Item Trial Balance Summary Report:

Item trial balance summary report shows the information of all items and their trial balance.

Daily Inventory Reconciliation Report:

The daily inventory reconciliation report shows the inventory position at the end of every day. It gives the user insight into daily inventory data.

Expiry Report:

The expiry report contains the data of every item’s expiry date. The expiry date is entered in the database at the time of GRN creation. Users can see items under 3, 6, and 9 months of expiration. 

Transfer Summary Report:

The transfer summary report contains the inventory transfer to different branches. The report shows items and their valuation. 

Transfer Summary Report Branch Wise:

The transfer summary report branch wise contains the same information as in the transfer summary report but it has branch wise segregations.

Stock Report All Branches: 

Stock reports for all branches contain information about the level of stock available in all branches. 

Item Wise Sales Analysis:

Item wise sales analysis report shows the sales data item wise. It shows the quantity and value of each item sold.

Consolidation Report:

The consolidation report shows the aggregate data of inventory. It lists items and their quantity available.