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Learn How to Easily Use a Restaurant POS System for the First Time

Managing a restaurant is surely a big hassle for operators. The restaurant business involves dealing with many clients every day, each of whom has unique and different demands. A restaurant also includes managing big staff lines which could be very troubling. On top of that, a restaurant also has to keep its inventory in order which is very crucial. Keeping track of many ingredients used within dishes prepared can be very hard. However, luckily, a Restaurant POS System can help restaurant operators easily supervise everything. With many reliable features like inventory management, tableside ordering, generating financial statements etc., restaurant operations are made easier than ever and more consumer-friendly with CISePOS Restaurant.

Another common problem that arises with restaurant managers, however, is using good technology. Most good POS software end up troubling operators that are not as familiar with the technology. Complex UI and dashboards of even the best software can’t ever be as useful to the user when they don’t even know how to work with it. This is why CISePOS features a simple Dashboard that thousands of customers find extremely easy to operate. The UI is very user friendly which needs little to no training. Here is an example guide of how easily you can install and start using our Restaurant POS System for the first time easily and quickly. 

How to Get Started with a Restaurant POS System

All you need is a CISePOS Restaurant POS System to get things started. To help with customer ease, CISePOS is the only POS Software System that provides free demo software on their website. Click here to register yourself for one right now! 

You’ll be presented with a simple yet featureful dashboard once you are on your POS Software Website. Now we’ll work towards adding items of your inventory in the cloud based POS software so you can work forward to selling your first order. 

  • dashboard of cis pos software

How to Create an Attractive Restaurant Menu on a Restaurant POS System

The first step of shifting your restaurant operations to POS software would be to create a menu. This is how you’ll know about customer orders. To create a menu, head over to Items on the menu on the left. Click on it, and then click on Add Item. 

  • adding items in restaurant pos system

On the page displayed, fill in the form that is shown for each item that you want to add to your menu. Some bars that may confuse you are explained below To view a sample form of an item to be added, scroll below.

  • Barcode: This is the unique code each item on your menu has.
  • Unit: This is the basis your item is measured upon.
  • Purchase/Sales Rate: Purchase Rate is the cost you pay to get the item. Sales Rate is the price you sell the item for. These mentions will help your Restaurant POS System calculate profits and manage the accounting later. 
  •  Tax: This is the Sales Tax charged on selling the item. You can add a Tax to your POS Software that is deducted from your sales revenue. To create a Tax, head on to Settings > Taxes > Add Tax.
  • adding tax in POS
  • Supplier: You can add a supplier to your items to know what items you get from which supplier. Creating suppliers in the Restaurant POS System can help you view your Supplier Relationships later on. 
  • Upload Item Image: Here you can upload the image that shows your item on the Menu. This is important as good pictures make a menu attractive to customers.
    Note: You can leave some spaces empty if they are irrelevant. For example, if you don’t want to specify your item by colour or brand.
    Moreover, if your item is a deal, be sure to check the Is Deal box and if it’s an item that can be modified, check Add Modifier Groups.
  • sample item in a restaurant pos system

Add each item you want to have on the menu using the same approach. If you have many items, you can add items using an Excel or Google Sheet. Here’s how to do that. 

Reviewing Information

Whenever you wish to view what you’ve added to the software, you can easily go through the menu and view it. Here are some important aspects you may want to see.

To view all the items you have added, head on to Items > List Items. You can edit items from here, as well.

To view your Categories, head on to Categories > List Categories.

For viewing Suppliers, head on to Items > Suppliers

In order to add Waiters/Tables/Riders, head on to Restaurant Setup > Waiters/Tables/Riders. This will help you manage your staff lines with respect to orders.

How to Accept Orders Through a POS Software

You’re now ready to make your first sale through the CIS Restaurant POS System. To go through it, head on to Sales > Sell from the Menu.

From the Items shown below, select the items that the customer orders. They will be added to the Cart shown on the right. From there you can edit the cart and delete items too. Once the order is accurately given, in order to inform the Kitchen to prepare the meal(s) requested through the order, press KOT shown in green colour. Select the table and waiter you want to assign this order to. This window will show if the tables/waiters are busy, helping you with better customer and staff management. Once done, press Submit Order. You can choose to Print the receipt, as well. After this, you can take more orders.

  • table and waiter management restaurant pos system

To view the progress of an order already submitted, go to Sales > Orders. An order with a Pending sign means it’s being prepared, else the order will be shown with a Prepared status. 

To update an order’s progress from the kitchen side of the restaurant, head on to Sales > KDS. This is where you’ll receive all the orders that have been passed through. Once the order is prepared, press Order Done. This will update the order’s status in Sales > Orders, as well.

  • connecting kitchen with orders easily

The Orders list is very helpful to waiters. It informs them which orders they are assigned, and when to take the order from Kitchen to which Table. Additional POS hardware to attach the Restaurant POS System to Kitchen and multiple screens can really help with better restaurant management. 

  • easy orders management point of sale

How to Process Payments Through a POS System

Whenever the customer is done with their dine-in and is ready to pay, simply head back to the Sales > Sell screen. Press the Recall button displayed in green. Choose the order to pay for and press Recall. You should now see the cart filled with the order and its payment details below. To go through the payment, press Pay (F7).

Select the payment method chosen by the customer. Enter the amount received in Cash Tendered. Return the cash that is shown on the screen and finally press Pay/Pay & Print.

Congratulations! You just finished your first sale! Keep using the POS software similarly and help your restaurant with better management and customer satisfaction using CIS Restaurant POS System.