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Manage Your Cafe Easily with CISePOS Cafe POS

Running a cafe is the go-to business type in Pakistan. Numerous cafes are seen to be opened all around the country where businesspersons try to make a profitable business out of serving customers. 

While the business may seem easy to run in hindsight, practicalities differ and cafe owners require a good Cafe POS.

This is where CIS jumps in with CISePOS Cafe Point Of Sale.

If you’re running a cafe, you must have already seen various POS software and POS providers. But finally, you’re in the right place. 

Here is why CISePOS Cafe POS is the perfect fit for you.

Smart and Intelligent Cafe POS Dashboard

POS Dashboard

To run a business towards success, it is important for managers to always have a clear knowledge of what goes around in the business.

This information relates to summaries of the cafe’s performance readily available for managers to look at and make decisions respectively.

Cafe POS provides ease in this system by creating a visually pleasing and powerful dashboard that summarizes the business’ performance in just one look.

Cloud Based Cafe POS

Cloud POS

If you’ve been in the retail market for some time, you’d know desktop and on-premise POS are obsolete options for running a business now.

Without a web-based POS, your data is prone to security threats, all your information is stuck only on the premise, and there is no option for interlinking your cafe’s branches.

With Cloud Cafe POS, you keep a sense of peace in mind knowing all your important data is secure on the cloud.

All information can be accessed remotely, anywhere at any time. CIS Cafe Point Of Sale just needs a device capable of running a web browser.

Plus, for a bigger cafe chain, a cloud POS is the only option for enabling interlinking between branches.

This can help managers understand collective data of the whole brand and create a smooth flow of communication in between branches e.g. interbranch transfers.

Customizable And Attractive Cafe Menus 

POS menu

Cafes consist of menus to accept orders from their customers, and these menus have a lot of significance in them.

A menu is the first impression your business gives to customers. CISePOS Cafe POS ensures the impression is good.

With our easy to use Cafe Point Of Sale, managers can make changes and create an attractive template for their cafe’s menu.

Because menus are subject to frequent changes, Cafe POS enables you to have complete control with an extremely friendly user interface and customizing options.

These menus provide automatic integration to order carts upon a customer order and assure all orders are placed accurately with no margin for errors.

Easy Inventory Management

Because a cafe works much like a restaurant, providing different items of beverages and treats for customers, inventory management can be hectic.

Especially because a cafe typically deals with small orders. 

Distinguishing a teaspoon of coffee per order to generate costing information is almost impossible without a powerful Cafe POS.

CIS Cafe Point Of Sale system makes sure you have complete control over your inventory, from purchases to sales.
This relates to creating purchase orders, GRNs, managing recipes for your menu items, and much more!

Powerful Accounting Module Of CIS Cafe POS

POS Accounting

A business is doomed to fail when it doesn’t track its cash properly. However, with a high volume of daily data, it can be very hard to manage and track cash records.

But not with CIS Cafe POS. 

CIS Cafe Point Of Sale ensures to keep track of each and every penny that comes in the business and goes out. 

This is done by creating a heavy accounting database including General Ledger and Chart Of Accounts, but to ease managers, this process is done automatically.

To make better use of financial information, the POS Accounting Module also enables generating useful POS reports for better decision making.

These can be the day to day summaries or even lengthy financial statements.

And the best thing about CIS Cafe Point Of Sale software is- This isn’t all!

There is much more to what CISePOS can do for you. For personal advice on your cafe, contact our POS Consultants.

To try out our Cafe POS by yourself right now, register now for a Free POS demo.