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Managing Restaurant Efficiently With CISePOS

CISePOS is a marvelous point of sales software that is serving restaurants and retail businesses across Pakistan. Being the best restaurant POS software in Pakistan CISePOS is a technological marvel that has multiple integrations to manage restaurants efficiently. 

Restaurant businesses have a different business model than retail businesses. The managing restaurant requires a system that is capable of dealing with various operational heads. CISePOS has integrated its interface with highly resourceful tools that cover every aspect of a restaurant.

How Does CISePOS Increase The Efficiency Of A Restaurant?

Restaurants need extensive tools to manage highly complex business models. The business model is complex because of multiple factors affecting the operations. The factors include,

  • Inventory management
  • Kitchen management 
  • Employee management
  • Order/ Table management 
  • Accounts management 

And several other minor heads. CISePOS has dedicated modules for each of the operational heads.

Following are some ways how CISePOS increase the efficiency of a restaurant:

  • Managing Employees
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Management  

Managing Employees

A restaurant has different types of employees that include chefs, waiters, cashiers, janitors, and others. To manage all of them at once CISePOS has a dedicated part where all the user’s and employee’s data will be saved. The software keeps a record of all the employees coming in and out of the restaurants. 

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the key to every business’s survival. Restaurants are very running and fast-moving spaces, where inventory has to be fresh and of higher quality. To manage fresh and quality inventory restaurants need an automated tool that generates real-time alerts to alert the managers of any ending inventory or item.

Restaurant POS software like CISePOS keeps track of every inventory and every recipe used in the business. The software allows users to keep a record of all inventory details including the name of the supplier, contact details, and mode of payment. Some advanced POS software can automatically order the inventory when it hits the threshold for the lower bond of inventory.

Order Management

Managing orders is a primary function of a restaurant POS software. CISePOS has a very unique order or tableside management module that keeps the track of every order from the table to the kitchen and till the serving.

CISePOS allocates numbers to the tables, once a customer orders from his table the system asks for the table number, the waiter for that table, and allows KOT (kitchen order tracking) to get updates on the order. 

With such amazing order management or tableside management, CISePOS is the number 1 choice business in Pakistan. 

Accounts Management

Accounts managements refer to keeping a record of money inflow and outflow from the restaurant, it also keeps a record of accounts receivable and payable. CISePOS has the most advanced accounting module that is capable of keeping all accounting records of the restaurant along with the generation of accounting reports. 

Customer Relationship Management

The restaurant business relies upon its relationship with its customers. CISePOS has an amazing CRM module that can keep a strong relationship with the customer. The CRM module in CISePOS keeps a record of every customer that the restaurant has. 

The data obtained through the CRM module helps restaurants enhance the customer experience and increase the quality of services. 

Sales Management

Sales management is the most important module in CISePOS. Every sale is recorded through the sales management module. Furthermore, CISePOS processes every sale through its sales modules and keeps all the sales records, and generates reports.