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Essential Features to Look for in a Point of Sale App for Android

Business owners are always searching for tools that can play an essential part in their business growth, and the point of sale app for android is the perfect example of it. The retailers/restaurant owners can improve the customers’ overall experience by offering them quick checkout, on spot billing, and fast order processing using Android POS.

Mobile POS systems are in huge demand these days that’s why most of the growing businesses select POS systems that are available on android platforms so that they can improve their operations. The point of sale app for android by CISePOS doesn’t require any specialized hardware, making it easily affordable for owners. It can be used on a simple android tablet with an internet connection and interacting interface for easy use.

Features in Mobile POS

In this blog, we will discuss some vital features that should be present in the mobile point of sale system and how the CISePOS point of sale app for android is helping retailers and restaurant owners. It helps in improving the customer experience by offering them faster checkout, expediting order processing information directly from the table to the kitchen, and much more.

Sales History

In a mobile POS app, the sales history feature provides valuable information to owners regarding the sales that have been executed in their business.

The point of sale app for android by CISePOS provides complete sales history to the retailers and restaurant owners, which helps them to analyze the data and make the necessary decisions as needed. This section will show essential information like date, bill no, sold by, customer, sale total, total discount, net amount, pay mode, and detail (system generated sales receipt).

Billing /Receipt Generation:

One of the mandatory features required in the android POS system is the billing /receipt generation, which is the POS system’s primary function. Using this feature, the restaurant and retail business owners can speed up the checkout and order taking process to make the customer experience better.

Using the CISePOS android POS, waiters can process the customer’s order information to the kitchen directly by a single click, which saves much time compared to the traditional way of order processing. Discounts and the selection of different payment modes is also available in the android tablet POS so that retails / restaurant owners can facilitate their customers.

Shift Reports:

Reports are essential tools that provide retail and restaurant business owners with valuable insights about the business progress and help them make effective decisions needed for growth.

The shift reports are significant for the businesses operating in different shifts. The shift reporting feature in the android POS app designed by the CISePOS provides complete information of all the shift sales on a particular day. The reports include information about the collection (payment modes), discount, tax, and sales return amount.

Order Management:

Using the android POS system designed by the CISePOS will revolutionize the way orders are usually taken in the restaurant. It will be faster than the traditional way because our android POS system has all the facilities you need to enhance customer service. You can take orders from customers anywhere, whether at the counter or the tableside.

The KOT in the android POS system will reduce the time required to process meal order information as all the required data will be transferred automatically to the kitchen once the order has been inserted in the mobile POS.

Works in Offline Mode:

The Android POS system designed by the CISePOS allows retailers and restaurant owners to create and process sale transactions without access to the internet. The device will store all the importation information of the activities performed on the mobile POS until a stable internet connection is not established.

Data will be synced automatically on your cloud POS server without any external execution by the user. Offline capability mode keeps the business operation running even in connectivity downtime.


Point of sale app for android provides streamlined functions such as sales history, billing/receipt generation, shift reports, order management, handover, and offline working mode. These are very beneficial for the retailers and restaurant owners who are taking the initiative of using the android POS system for improving the overall customer experience by providing them with faster checkout, quick order taking, and on-the-spot billing of sold items.

With the CISePOS android POS app, you can access most of your cloud POS features on your android tablets, which will not only improve business operations but increase overall growth.