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POS Updates Summary Oct 2021 – What’s new in CISePOS?

CISePOS updates its software weekly with useful and innovative additions with POS updates. This helps us at CIS Software House to ensure our clients are always satisfied with our service.

These changes are only made possible with helpful POS feedback from our clients that our company strives on. In order to make the POS software user-friendly and efficient, our skilled team works hard every day to make it all worth it to our client’s satisfaction!.

Here is an overall summary of changes that took place in the POS this month:

POS Updates #1 – Rider Efficiency Report

rider report pos

Rider Efficiency Report was one of the most awaited POS updates to our POS software.

The need for this report arose when our clients using Restaurant POS faced the issue of calculating their riders’ efficiency. Before the update, there were no proper way managers could list out their riders’ individual performance.

For large businesses offering delivery services, this created a very big problem. Some restaurants even had commissioned on the basis of rides per rider. This data was very hard to gather and our clients informed us that they felt like we could offer them a solution…

And we sure did!

The first POS update of October to CISePOS added an option for all restaurant POS users to generate a rider efficiency report. 

Every time a rider is assigned a delivery through the point of sale, CISePOS keeps the record and generates it upon a user’s access. 

Generating the rider efficiency report generates all rides undertaken by the business under the requested time frame. This shows each ride tagged with its respective rider, order date, order number, total amount, delivery charges, and net amount. This data greatly helps in the calculation of rider wages and commissions.

Update #2 – B2B Invoices with GST and View Stock

The next POS update was launched after feedback from large businesses using our POS software.

With time, as more and more businesses used CISePOS, we understood the POS was now also used to generate sales made to businesses and purchases made from businesses. 

This gave a rise to the need for businesses to have B2B options in the POS.

B2B means business to business. With CISePOS processing B2B transactions, for better understanding and reports, our team recognized the need for the option of Invoice with GST.

B2B transactions require an invoice instead of receipts. This invoice needs to be detailed with proper mentions of all the details of the transaction. 

Now, CISePOS generates an Invoice with GST that shows all the details of a sale including the GST charged. 

Moreover, we also added the option to View Stock before Purchasing.

This means, that for a client using our Inventory Module to create a purchase order, the client can now access a View Stock option upon selecting an item in the purchase order.

This will show the user how much inventory the business currently has of the item, helping them to make a better decision of how much inventory they should order in the purchase order.

POS Updates #3 – Exporting Item and Customer Data and Transfer Out Source Branch

pos export item data

Our next update was focused on enabling CISePOS users to share their POS database between many platforms and users.

This was especially for Item Data and Customer Data that a company has. We realized companies share this data to other platforms very often, and it was quite difficult to export it out when your items or customers may be in thousands!

Now, with the POS update, CISePOS enables clients to export an Excel sheet of all the Item Data and Customer Data of a company with a single click!

Moreover, for users of the CISePOS Inventory Module, the Transfer Out Report was made more useful with the addition of the Source Branch.

Now, Transfer Out reports not only show the receiving branch’s name for the items transferred, but also the Source Branch which issued the Transfer Out. 

This helped for a better understanding of the POS reports.

Update #4 – CIS Social Media Marketing

CIS Software House’s goal has always been customer ease in the business industry of Pakistan. We aim to create innovative solutions for businesses that aid businesses in success and growth.

Considering the growth of eCommerce, our first step was to enable WooCommerce Integration. This helped CISePOS clients operate their website store with the physical store.

Now, we have taken a very large step in creating a solution for businesses that helps them create a useful online presence!

With CIS Social Media Marketing, businesses can contact CIS Software House and subscribe to a project of Social Media Marketing. 

These projects outlined all the needs for marketing for any type of business, where our skilled team helps your business run ads, social media pages, interact with customers, create posts, and more.

All of this attracts a very large audience from the internet which ensures more sales for the business, a better brand image, and increased overall profitability.

Some of the main benefits of CIS Social Media Marketing are:

  • Building An Attractive Online Presence
  • Creating Online Pages (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Optimizing the Page with regular posts to grab customer attention
  • Informing existing customers of offers and new deals the brand provides
  • Creating persuasive Ads on such pages and optimizing them to the business’s target market
  • Running Google Ads 
  • Officiating a LinkedIn Profile for the brand
  • Customer Support
  • Online chats with customers to resolve queries

To register for Social Media Marketing, contact our professional consultants now.

Performance Improvements to CISePOS

Our team keeps working hard to improve your user experience of using our product. This month as well, we’ve polished our product even more to new lengths!

With the help of your feedback, our skilled team tailors our product to be even more useful and better than ever. This ensures your CISePOS usage remains smooth and our product retains the world-class image it has.

The software updates happen remotely and are integrated into your Cloud POS automatically. Weekly newsletters will be sent to you to acknowledge any and all POS updates to the Software. 

Thank you for being a valuable part of the CIS Family.