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Top 3 Powerful POS Integrations to Your Business

POS software has become a very important asset for retailers who want to increase their sales and grow their business. Point-of-sale systems are now offering various features to address the issues retailers are currently facing in their business. One of the biggest challenges for retailers is managing and running other systems like woo-commerce with point-of-sale systems if they are not integrated. POS integration is very important for retailers because it reduces the effort required to manage the parallel system and increase productivity, which is important for growth.

POS integration is a significant feature that retailers want with their point-of-sale system because it provides the freedom to business owners to integrate important third-party applications with the existing retail software. Because without this critical feature available in the POS system, business owners will have to face difficulties in tracking the sales transactions, inventory update, order taking, and other essential aspects that require extra effort and increase chances of errors.

POS Integration

POS integration is a seamless link between external applications and the POS software, which are necessary to keep business operations running smoothly. Integrations between the external application and POS software improve business productivity and enhance the point-of-sale systems’ capabilities, which help retailers in minimizing the time required to maintain data on each system. Because of this integration, both systems communicate with each other automatically, with independently updating information whenever any event occurs. Integrations of POS systems with other platforms (such as WooCommerce, FBR POS, SMS, etc.) is very beneficial for retail and restaurant business owners to streamline operations. In this blog, we’ll look at the three major external application integrations with CISePOS and why they’re important for business.

WooCommerce integration

WooCommerce is one of the most commonly used WordPress plugins to manage e-commerce websites. With nearly 5 million+ active installation, no one denies the popularity of this plugin being used worldwide. This plugin is suitable for business owners who provide a shopping experience using a website, and customers can easily purchase any product from it. WooCommerce plugin is rated as one of the best because of the various features it’s offering to retailers to manage e-commerce operation smoothly.
WooCommerce integration is very important because it will save the time required to manage your WooCommerce store and POS system parallelly. This plugin will address the challenges of inventory update, transaction records, accounting which retailers have to face when it is not integrated.

Importance of WooCommerce Plugin

1- Simple & Powerful

E-Commerce websites that are using the WordPress platform can configure and install the WooCommerce plugin. The configuration of the WooCommerce plugin is straightforward and doesn’t require dedicated expertise to understand the installation of the plugin. Retailers can easily download and configure the plugin on their e-commerce website to unlock the various features of WooCommerce. CISePOS is now offering WooCommerce integration for retailers who are running eCommerce websites for their business.

2- More Control

With the help of this integration, retailers will have more control over the components of the business operation. Retailers will be equipped with multiple tools that will help them in managing the store, inventory, sales transaction, and consumers.

3- Powerful Reporting

Retailers will have access to more accurate reports once the integration is completed because handling data on the parallel system is quite complicated, and there are chances of inaccuracy in the information. Reports in WooCommerce enable retailers to visualize their store’s overall performance based on days, months, and years through detailed graphs and statistics.

4- Improved Productivity

WooCommerce’s integration with the CISePOS system can assist retailers in improving the overall productivity because business owners won’t have to manage two separate systems, and all the operations will be managed from a centralized point. This integration will save additional costs and minimize the efforts required to maintain data on both systems.

FBR integration

The Federal Board of Revenue (Pakistan) has now made it obligatory for the businesses who fall under the tier-1 category to integrate their existing point of sale system with the Electronic Device System developed by FBR.

The purpose of integrating the Electronic Device System with the Point of Sale system is to support retailers in submitting sales tax & GST during the transaction recorded in the POS system. One of the significant advantages for retailers from this integration is that it will end the periodic inspection conducted by the federal board of revenue, which is very lengthy, and business owners have to put extra effort into meeting the requirements.

How This Integration Will Work

Once the phase of integration between the CISePOS & EDS is completed, the quick response code will be printed on each receipt after every completed transaction is posted in the point of sale system. The exact information will also be synced on the Federal Board of Revenue. The submission can also be verified by scanning the quick response code printed on the sales receipt with the help of the application provided by FBR for consumers.

How CISePOS will be helping with this integration

The CISePOS team is providing complete support to retailers who are part of the TIER-1 category defined by the Federal Board of Revenue and want to integrate their POS system with EDS. No additional hardware is needed for FBR integration. CISePOS is already part of the approved vendor list released by the tax collecting agency of pakistan for point of sale system providers in Pakistan, eliminating the requirements for retailers to register their POS system with FBR. CISePOS dedicated experts will assist retailers in fulfilling the condition required for this integration.

Payment Integration

Payment integration with point-of-sale systems is very important for retail business because it helps retailers in tracking amounts easily. Offering a flexible payment solution to the customer is one of the important things that retailers can provide. It will speed up the checkout process and help retailers in retaining more customers because of the quick and flexible service.

What is Payment Integration?

Payment integration is the process of integrating the point-of-sale system with third-party payment systems. In simple terms, this usually entails connecting the point of sale system (POS) to the payment processor so that consumers can enter information directly through the payment portal rather than using an external credit card devices.


  • Using payment integration, retailers can improve their customer services by offering rapid checkouts.
  • Double entry of the transaction in the POS system and credit card machine will not be required because once the payment is processed using the portal, data is automatically updated in both systems.
  • Retailers can perform better reconciliation of financial data using this integration because both systems are integrated, and there will be minimum chances of human error.


POS integration with external applications like WooCommerce, FBR, Payment integration is essential to enhance the point of sale system’s capabilities and eliminate the additional tasks and efforts required to keep the information up to date in all the systems. CISePOS systems can be integrated with most of the external platforms and our support team will assist retail businesses with the integration process