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Products Categorization In CISePOS:

For a point of sales software, it is important to carry inventory data categorized into different segments for the classification of inventory and customers. The categorization can be based on different factors that solely depend upon the feasibility of the user.   

Like every other POS software, CISePOS has a detailed category section that helps retail businesses in creating categories and sub-categories. In this article, we will discuss how this section creates categories and sub-categories and how they are used in the POS software. 

Item Categories In CISePOS:

CISePOS has a dedicated section for the categorization of different products businesses have. There are no default categories, it entirely depends upon the user to create multiple categories based on their own preference. 

Users will find two subsections in the category section that are:

  • List Category
  • Add Category

List Category:

List category refers to the list of categories created by the user. Each list will be allocated with a default code that is generated by the POS software. All the categories are visible in the inventory section, reports, and sales section

The user can add products in these categories.

Add Category: 

Add category section is where users can add new categories. The system asks for some details regarding the category such as the name, and branches in which the user wants the category to show. 

Moreover, the section has another option that asks to show the category on the POS software. If the user checks the section then it will show the category in the software.

Items Sub-Catagories in CISePOS:

 The sub-category section is used to create sub-categories for the categories that are created for the products. These subcategories are used to break down the product categories. 

The sub-category section includes the following tools:

  • List Sub-Categories
  • Add Sub-Category

List Sub-Catagories:

List sub-categories are the list of sub-categories that are created by the user. The user can edit them here and view them.

Add Sub-Categories:

Add sub-category is the section from where the user can make new sub-categories. The software asks for the name of the sub-category the user wants to create, it also has the option to add images of the product that is entered in the sub-category.

Display on POS option is also available in the section to make the sub category visible on the whole POS software.

Best Inventory Management With CISePOS:

CISePOS offers amazing features to its users. Inventory management is among those features. Although the POS software has a separate module for inventory management, categories are also considered in inventory management.

With its categorization and sub-categorizations CISePOS offers assistance in creating dynamic sales management of products.