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Purchase Reports In CISePOS

CISePOS offers a variety of features and tools to its users. Whether it’s about inventory management, sales management, accounts management, customer relationship management, or generating reports CISePOS have it all. 

In this article, we will discuss the features of purchase management, and different reports generated by CISePOS. 

Following are the purchase reports generated by CISePOS  

  1. Purchase Report
  2. Purchase Summary Report
  3. Purchase Return Summary Report
  4. Item Wise Purchase
  5. Pending Purchase Order Report
  6. Supplier Wise Purchase

These purchase reports include different segregations and parameters that help specify the need for data. 

Purchase Report:

A purchase Report is a report that carries information about all the purchased items. This report shows the items purchased, their GRN, and the name of the supplier. The purchase report gives insight into the items purchased with the specification of the supplier and date.

Purchase Summary Report:

The purchase summary report gives a summary of purchases held during a specific period of time. This report uses the invoice number as a substitute parameter for the item (that is used in the purchase report). 

Moreover, an additional parameter of supplier is added while generating a purchase report to make it more specific.

Purchase Return Summary Report:

The purchase return summary report contains information about the goods returned to the supplier. Furthermore, the report contains the gross amount and name of the supplier for the return.

Item Wise Purchase Report:

The item-wise purchase report shows purchase returns based on items. This report is generated based on different items returned. The user can segregate the data based on GRN, GRN date, quantity, and purchased date.  

The user can set the parameter while generating the report to segregate the data based on different specifications.

Pending Purchase Order Report:

A Pending purchase order report contains information about receivable goods. It includes information on the quantity to be received, the date, and the name of the supplier. Moreover, in case of further segregation, this report incorporates orders that are partially received and some quantities that are still to be received.

Supplier Wise Purchase Report:

Supplier Wise purchase report shows information about purchases from different suppliers. Users can select the supplier and only view the purchases from that particular supplier. This report segregates the data into every supplier so the user can go through the data separately. 

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