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Restaurant Setup In CISePOS

CISePOS is a very dynamic POS software that is designed to bring efficiency to retail and restaurant businesses. CISePOS has facilitated hundreds of different businesses across Pakistan. Restaurant businesses are one of the beneficiaries of CISePOS.

CISePOS has facilitated hundreds of restaurant owners in Pakistan by bringing efficiency, automation, and productivity to their businesses.

Restaurant POS software that CIS provides is different from its retailer’s POS software. CIS has added some additional features that are necessary for restaurants to have.

In this article, we will discuss the restaurant setup in CISePOS. That is the best restaurant POS software.

Restaurant POS software:   

Although the whole restaurant POS software has different features some additional setups are necessary for restaurants to have.

These settings are essentials to operate the restaurant POS software. Following the three setups that are necessary to operate restaurant POS software.

  • Waiters
  • Tables
  • Rider

When the user login to CISePOS, he can see the restaurant setups with a symbol of fork and knife below right above the general settings. Upon clicking that section the user can see the above mentioned three settings.


This section is where the user can enter the details of its waiters. Waiters are the real movers of the restaurant business they work as the face of the restaurant’s services. 

When the restaurant sells its meal the POS software records the sale along with the details of the waiter. To operate a documented restaurant it is important to track which meal is served to which customer by whom. To make this happen the user creates Ids for every waiter in the restaurant.

When the restaurant POS software confirms an order the KOT (Kitchen order tracking) asks for the waiter who is serving the customer. When the meal is cooked the POS software asks the same waiter to serve the customer.


The tables section is where the user can add different tables in his restaurant. The user can add and name the tables by their feasibility.

For example, the table right next to the kitchen is named table one.

When the user adds a table through this section the restaurant POS software updates the whole software. Whenever an order is taken for dine-in it requires the table it will be served. 

This setup helps the waiters and kitchen to manage to dine in effectively.


The rider section is especially for restaurants that offer delivery. The user can add its riders in this section. Whenever an order is confirmed for delivery the POS software asks for the rider that the user has added in the rider section.

The restaurant POS software keeps the record of delivery data and updates the system when an order is completed.

The riders user added into the POS software work as the waiter section as they both work to complete the orders.

Other Features Of Restaurant POS Software:

The section we have discussed is about maintaining the database to operate the restaurant POS software. Once all the entries are made the system updates the software and the data can be seen where it is required to be.

The restaurant POS software is integrated with KOT (Kitchen order tracking) which is a special feature only used in restaurant POS software. The KOT tracks the order from the moment it is taken from the customer by the waiter. 

The feature tracks order while in the kitchen. Once the meal is cooked the KOT updates the status. When the meal is served and the order is completed KOT finishes the order and marks the transaction as a sale.

CISePOS, Best Restaurant POS Software In Pakistan:

CISePOS is the best restaurant POS software in Pakistan. With its dynamic reporting, detailed analytics, and advanced sales processing system the CISePOS is serving hundreds of restaurants in Pakistan. 

CIS keeps updating its CISePOS with new tools and reporting parameters to satisfy the customers with a feature-full POS software they ask for.