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Sales Module In CISePOS

CISePOS is a dynamic POS software that has various modules that are designed to help retailers in digitizing their sales operations. Among those modules, the sales module is the primary module that functions as a whole system.

DIfferent POS software has different types of sales modules with different levels of functionality and features. The sales module in CISePOS is specially designed for all types of retailers. The POS software for restaurants is slightly different from the retail POS software because of its different nature. 

Sales Module In Retail POS Software:

The sales module in retail POS software helps retailers in their sales operations. CISePOS has different tools in this module. Each of the tools has some unique features that are user-friendly and can compute complex calculations.

Following are the tools in CISePOS.

  • Sell
  • Sale Invoice Form
  • Sale history
  • Cash Opening
  • Cash Handover
  • Sales Quotations
  • Advance Booking
  • Day Close
  • Pay In Out


This tool is the primary and most important tool in the sales module in CISePOS. This tool is used by the employee on the sales or checkout counter to process the sales. The Sales tool has different input options from where the user can enter different parameters. 

All sales transactions are completed using this tool. The user can print a sale receipt using this tool. All the inventory in the store can be seen here categorized in different categories. Discount rates and tax rates are already in the system. Moreover, users can also enter the customer and salesman processing the sales.

Sale Invoice Form:

A sales invoice form is sales proof that is filled before receiving the payment from the customer. All sales invoices are saved in the CISePOS and can be referred to when needed. The form asks for items, discounts, customers, and salesman’s details to save the data in the POS software.

Sale History:

The sales history tool is where the user can see all of the sales that happened recently. Moreover, all the sales are visible bill-wise. Sales history has bill number, name of the salesman, the total amount of bill, discount, net sales, payment mode. 

The option to see the details of every sale is also available in the section. Another update in this section is also available for retailers that have FBR integrated POS software. They can update their pending bills to sync with FBR. 

Cash Opening:

Cash opening tool is a very essential tool to keep systematic sales operations. Every day when the store opens the system asks for opening cash. The system keeps a record of opening cash to the user. Another entry is very important to cash opening which is cash handover. 

The user adds cash opening by adding the name of the cash receiver user name of the person handing over the cash, amount of cash, shift, and counter. This information helps in keeping every specification to identify every transaction upon reconciliation and audits.

 Cash Handover:

Cash handover is the tool that keeps a record of cash circulation in the business. Cash handover is where the retailers can keep the record of cash handover at the end of the day adjusted to opening cash, sales, pay-in, and pay-out. 

All the cash handover entries are recorded in the POS software. The user can go through entries to see cash handover progress. 

Sales Quotations:

The sales quotation tool is where the user can generate sales quotations for its customers. The section has certain parameters like item, quantity, discount, customer details, and the user creating the quotation. 

The sales quotation section has an additional feature that enables it to keep track of the sales quotation. The user can recall the quotation, and he can edit the quotation. Moreover, sales caution that is confirmed for sale is marked as sold.  

Advance Booking:

The advance booking section is used to book orders that will be delivered in the future. This feature gives retailers a tool to incorporate advance orders and their tracking through the same software that does their regular sales operations. 

Advanced booking tool asks for customer’s details, user details, items, quantity, amount of sales, discount offered, and delivery date. All the details are saved in the data. The user can see all the advance orders in the advance booking section. 

Day Close:

Day close section is used when the working hours end for the store. The user has to close the day. Day close needs cash handover to be completed first before it closes the day. Such that, the cash is handed over from the counters then the day close section closes all sales logs for the day.

All the sales for the day till the point day close tool is used will be considered under sales of the day.

Pay In Out:

Pay-in and Pay-out tool is another section that tracks the cash coming in and out from the counters. This section is designed for the different nature of cash dealing. The pay in out section records cash that is taken out or received by the store’s employee for any purpose.

It can also be simplified that this tool records cash used by businesses from the counters or any cash that is received with any sales. 

This tool updates the cash data with cash transactions that are not based on sales. 

CISePOS Revolutionizing POS Software In Pakistan:

CISePOS is taking the POS software industry to new heights. With new and advanced features that are digitizing the retail and restaurant businesses to work with rapidly evolving business dynamics. 

Like the sales module that has some amazing features and tools. All these tools are continuously upgraded with new features and enhanced workability. With more than 500 satisfied clients CISePOS is considered the number one choice for restaurant and retail businesses across Pakistan. 

With an expanding client table CISePOS took the challenge to bring an efficient and seamless point of sales software for retailers in Pakistan.